The Best Zombie Dead Game For Android


The Best Zombie Dead Game For Android


The Best Zombie Dead Game For Android
The Best Zombie Dead Game For Android

Zombie Dead Reviews:-Oh yes, after the boom of the television series The Walking Dead , which in these days broadcasts on FOX its last episodes, no one knows more resist the charm (although beauty in the zombie there is little!) survival in a world now never contaminated by zombies (Zombie Dead) . That’s why games now on this issue if they see so many; but among the many there are some noteworthy.

One of these is Into The Dead . This runner game – Zombie Dead , because that’s what it is, is a “simple” race among various landscapes, such as campaign woods cultivated fields, and so on, where we will meet our beloved zombies, who are eager to bite our tender meat. Luckily the game Into The Dead we will have weapons; they shall see the airborne and while we run we will head towards them both to take them both to reload the weapon that already carry.

There will be possible to obtain a single weapon at a time, thus taking a weapon different from that already has in hand, we will lose the latter automatically to get the new one.

Zombie Dead-Gameplay:-

The game is a runner game in first person , that we will see what the character sees,hear his heart beat and hear his labored breathing . Once installed Into the Dead will immediately catapulted into the heart of our adventure, we will be asked to choose between four control systems: accelerometer (tilt the smartphone) , touch (right and left), virtual lever (located to the left of the screen), Virtual reverse lever (located to the right of the screen). We will have to dribble countless zombies then carefully choose the system of movement is least important. At the beginning of the adventure we will be unarmed, our only weapon is our cunning and quick reflexes, a little ‘luck certainly not spoil! Later will unlock new weapons that will be available during the run to safety and will help us to overcome the most difficult and intricate. We will have to rely only on ourselves and our legs! In addition to running and survive, then we’ll exceed goals to go ahead and unlock new weapons and fantastic to unlock bonus to be selected to start the match as “starting with a weapon”, “starting advanced” (we start further forward than the initial position) but also “outside help” as the help of dogs and more.

Zombie Dead-Graphics and realism:-

:- The graphics are well taken care of; the great effect of the fog during the race that will make it difficult to quickly identify the zombies in the distance. Do not miss the attention to detail of the face of the zombies and the details of the landscape. Do vremo pay attention to obstacles such as trees, fences or the same zombies that we will block the road; in case we wished ill clash with one of them we will not escape from their fearsome teeth and then there will be very difficult to avoid the other zombies in the neighborhood who do not lose time to stretch their limbs to grab us. Same thing then for the obstacles, if we hit them these we slow down and there  making us lose our direction giving us fed to “ stray “.

In conclusion I would say that into the dead is a title developed the best, great for getting us a little bit of adrenaline in the days of boredom or long waits at the dentist.

Hoping not see us ever in a similar situation (who knows what we are capable of creating us men) I leave you to link from playstore title and I recommend you write in the comments your opinions and your best record .

The game is also compatible with tablets and is free but there are in app purchases and the possibility of eliminating advertising with a small donation!  Thanx to visit my The Best Zombie Dead Game For Android post…..

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