Best Apps to Have on your Phone – Both iOS and Android


There are a number of technologies integrated into a smartphone, including navigation, music, messaging, calculators and alarm clocks. There are numerous apps for downloading from the Android and iOS market.

But which ones have high worth? I’ve written some high-fame products to help you find valuable apps. In addition to music, sports news, entertainment, productivity, security, and utilities, the proposed apps have been categorized.

Consequently, it’s easy to find sites that suit your personality. Using these apps enhances the productivity of your phone.

1. Time2Life — Bullet Journal App

Free bullet journal & mood tracker app to track anything you want, from: habits and routines (morning routine, running, workout, mindfulness meditation, prayer, gratitude, self-care, yoga practice), nutrition (meals, weight loss milestones), medication (& its effects), daily activities (work, sleep, leisure time, social interactions). Record your thoughts and emotions (mood diary) – and get personalized insights on how to improve any of these aspects of your life.

2. Dr Chantea PhD

Looking for the Best self awareness App to get succeed in your life? So Download Dr Chantea PHD app as it is designed to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your highest performances, improve confidence, and achieve success by achieving mastery over your mindset.

This app has been designed to meet the truly unique solutions that are needed to overcome ones own obstacles in order to succeed. Let Dr. Chantea PhD guide you towards further skills to develop resiliency and overcome.

You can also Download Dr Chantea PhD App via Appstore:

3. HBCU League Pass+

HBCU League Pass delivers information and access to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, men’s and women’s sporting events (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, golf, and track, and field); marching band competitions, eSports tournaments, podcasts, and more!

4. Swirly App

Feeling anxious? Stressed out? Need a laugh? Download Swirly on the App Store. With Swirly, you can flush your worries away! Swirly is a virtual toilet that gives you the freedom to customize your toilet’s look and pair it with a motivational phrase to maximize your enjoyment.

Tired from working? Didn’t get that project done on time? Someone dented your car? Clear your mind with Swirly and get the worrisome situation out of your head – don’t bottle up the stress.

Take a photo, select from your photo library, or drag from the internet to get started – once the water has flushed away you can opt to share the GIF and save the person for to your favorite Swirlys.

5. KWIM Messenger

KWIM is a unique auto translate messaging appp where you chose your selected language as default and receive all your messages into your language of choice whilst the other users are also receiving in their default language automatically with no language barrier between users. Break the barrier and communicate with the world 🌎 in your language at any time and from anywhere.

6. Privacy Defender App

Looking for the best Security App for your Android Phone? Privacy Defender Android Security App is an ultimate Mobile Security App that provides Privacy, Identity Protection, and Mobile Security to Android Users. Download Privacy Defender – the best all in one security app that gives you multiple features, whether you need an antivirus app, ad blocker app, or privacy app. Download today and secure your Phone.

7. Numerology & Astrology

The best Numerology & Astrology app. Numerology & Astrology Birth Chart fully report. Fully Western & Chinese astrology horoscope for sun sign, career, money, and health. The application gives you a birth chart, full astrology forecast for sun sign, career, money, planets, and health. Download it today and discover things about your life.


re you looking for a secure VPN app to enjoy unlimited private browsing? Savage VPN brings the best to you, fast and secure connection on the internet. Works with Wifi, 4G, 3G and every mobile carrier. Very easy to use. Just open and click the connect button. And the best part is… IT’S UNLIMITED!
Try Savage VPN – Secure VPN changer app today.

9. Ritual Fit: 30-Minutes Fitness

The daily home workouts app consists of an audio and a video library that provides all the lectures related to your health and fitness. If you are a fitness freak and want to build a ritual that works for you then you must have this app on your phone. It gives you a 30 minutes exercise and provides movements of every angle even without gym equipment. You can easily search your required exercise in it and thus can get fit with help of it if you make proper use of it.

These are the main apps that are good to have on your phone and which you can frequently use to make your life easier. We provide you with authentic information about them and highly recommend you these apps, being your well-wishers.

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