Top 5 Tips for Starting Online Makeup Store in Pakistan


The cosmetic business is rising at a rapid pace. In Pakistan, and around the world, the demand for all types of beauty and cosmetic products is ever growing from a diverse section of population. The need for quality cosmetics products is increasing everywhere that also includes a good chunk of middle class families in developing countries.

Cosmetics industry typically has a vast array of business options. For example anti-aging clinics, beauty spas, beauty salons, aromatherapy, online cosmetic stores, and hair salons. If you are planning to start a cosmetic business, there is a huge possibility for progress, if you continue with it in a pre-planned way.

List of Tips for Starting an Online Makeup Store in Pakistan.

  1. Comply with Local Regulations
  2. Select a Specific Niche
  3. Sell Cosmetic Products Online
  4. Build Publicity Around Your Online Makeup Store
  5. Gather Reviews and Improve Customer Service

Let’s dive into each with further details on starting online cosmetic shopping in Pakistan.

1.     Comply with Local Regulations

Starting a business requires you to go through a number of regulatory procedures. In Pakistan, it includes compliance with local bodies that approve drugs and the selling of beauty products that are viable for selling in Pakistan. Such regulatory entities ensure that all products are safe to use, eco-friendly and are approved by major authorities in the industry.

In addition, you must also register your business with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Chamber of Commerce, and other custom related regulations in case your business is involved in import export. Hence, it is vital to start up by abiding with all regulations while setting up an online makeup store in Pakistan.

Doing so will help avoid any legal and product liability related challenges in the future.

2. Select a Specific Niche

Select your area of expertise in which you have some prior, little or more experience of selling makeup products in Pakistan. For instance, if you have knowledge about selling organic makeup, special effect makeup products or mineral beauty cosmetics items, skincare products, nails beautification and lip care products.

Concentrating on the area where you have some idea about how the cosmetic industry works will help you keep floating your online makeup store. There is always room for scaling up, so start up by narrowing the product mix as tight as possible. It is a good practice to think like, start low, think big. Once your store gets on its feet, you can then dive into including multiple cosmetic products mix and product line.

3. Sell Cosmetic Products Online

Indeed, selling cosmetics or any other product in general is not feasible without having an eCommerce store. The significant growth in online shopping behavior among people is allowing businesses to move beyond the bricks and mortar era.

Thus, it is vital to have an interactive and well-designed ecommerce website for your makeup store to sell online on the internet.  Depending on your budget, you go for less expensive ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. WooCommerce powered stores offer features that include unlimited customization, user-friendly and convenient store management. In addition, WooCommerce built stores offer greater flexibility and unlimited scalability features. Meaning you can include as many products as you like in the future?

4. Build Publicity Around Your Online Makeup Store

Use various marketing and branding strategies to make your online makeup store in Pakistan a buzzword among people. While setting up a cosmetic business, a hair salon, a beauty spa, you invest into creating awareness around your special makeup cosmetic products among your target consumers.

Use different marketing methods such as places where events are taking place in your nearby city, make a stall in a local exhibition expo, and make alliances with nearby beauty parlors to create awareness about your company’s products.

5. Gather Reviews and Improve Customer Service

Stay vigilant to what people have to say about your store products and customer services. While running an ecommerce, you must be heavily invested into people’s word of mouth and reviews. 

Reviews on products from the customers can help you improve your products quality, customer service delivery. Reviews can either be positive or negative. Pay attention to the second one and that will help identify where improvement is needed while starting a successful online makeup store in Pakistan. 

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