Some Important Question Related To Commercial Refrigeration


Commercial refrigerators are different than the refrigerator that you find in your home as they have a harder task to perform.

If you have a restaurant, then it is important that you should have a commercial refrigerator to preserve your raw, semi as well as finished food products. When we talk about commercial refrigerator, then it is important to understand that they are different from those that are found in people’s home. As these refrigerators fall under the canteen kitchen equipment category, they must be robust in build to withstand all the pressure of being a part of a commercial kitchen. In this article, we will share with you some important questions that people ask regarding commercial refrigerators from the manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi.

1). What is the difference between a commercial refrigerator and a residential refrigerator?

Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Delhi

Compared to a residential refrigerator, a commercial refrigerator is designed to withstand heavier demand of a restaurant. Such refrigerators are constructed with a view to withstanding continuous humidity, exposure to heat as well as acidic spills (which is quite regular in any commercial kitchen). Furthermore, these refrigerators are more powerful and they can quicklycool down their inside to any set temperature. Additionally, in most commercial refrigerators you will find the thermal expansion valve (TXV) that calculates the refrigerant that is running the evaporator and adjust continuously cool airflow.

2). Why you should use a commercial refrigerator in your kitchen?

Commercial refrigerators are designed specifically considering the demand for refrigeration in a restaurant/commercial kitchen. This makes them more durable and powerful enough to cool the inside very fast. If you use a residential refrigerator in your kitchen, then it will not be able to cope up with the increased pressure that falls on it.

3). Our commercial refrigerator more energy-efficient?

As commercial refrigerators are designed to withstand higher workload, thus they use more energy. However, their durability and robust design ensure that eventually, you have to spend less on their maintenance thus they become more economical. When you buy a commercial refrigerator it is important that you get it from a well-known brand that has higher energy Star certification, which guarantees that the refrigerator can operate without consuming too much energy.

These are some important questions that many people ask about commercial refrigerator when they are a bit confused about whether to buy a simple house refrigerator or go in for a bit more expensive commercial refrigerator for their restaurant. When you are buying a commercial refrigerator, make sure it has a good warranty and is made by a well-known company so that you will get a great after-sales service in case you face any problem. You must also figure out what capacity you require for your restaurant kitchen. If you buy a refrigerator that is too big for your kitchen and would be an unnecessary investment and in case it is too small, then it would not solve your requirement.

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