How to get free Bitcoin with sMile application


This amazing app rewards you with Bitcoin even for walking. This app will allow you to get Bitcoin for simple routine activities like playing games or walking.

There are a number of scams all over that assure you free crypto, but disappoint you. In this blog I will assure you about this sMiles app to earn free Bitcoin.


The app is available on Anroid, Apple Watch and iPhone. You can download the app from the link mentioned below.

Get free Bitcoin with this great app that rewards you with Bitcoin just for being active. You will get a small portion of reward of Satoshi, a smallest Bitcoin possible unit.

The app won’t make you earn large amounts of money in a night, nor in a month, however, maximum number of people walk around on regular basis, for this reason why not to gain a little more for performing the same thing every day.

The app is focused on the Lightening Network, Bitcoin’s second level solution. Later, the capability will be increased to IM+ cross-platform messaging app.

sMiles is abbreviated for sats&miles. The app is for every individual-not only for those who know already about Bitcoin.
People need to travel to measure the distance, sMiles will use GPS location service of smartphones. According to study, users will earn satoshis for driving even, though less than walking as the app wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

sMiles: Bitcoin Rewards

Get bitcoin with sMiles for:

  • Playing games
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Watching videos
  • Biking
  • Sponsored tasks
  • Completely surveys
  • Shopping

Get happier, healthier and wealthier with sMiles.

It is very easy to use. The steps you take every day are easily accessed by Apple Watch. HealthKit and sMiles integrate to access the steps accurately.

sMiles united chess puzzles to combine brain and body fitness in one app.

It is more entertaining to play with friends, go to the sMiles top leaderboard and get healthy.

The accumulated crypto is freely transferred to any external Lightening-wallet. There are many crypto wallets like Quarashi – all in one crypto wallet. In addition, no need to get registered except you will need to draw out more than 10,000 satoshis.

Bitcoin is so valuable now and you can make bunch of money. Just by downloading the app you start earning. You don’t require an account just an email. The reward amount is different depending upon location and market.

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