How to fix online video player upload error


How to fix online video player upload error

There are very few problems with the online video player. Websites like Youtube and Netflix are optimized to load quickly on any computer or another device, and as HTML5 technology replaces Flash Player, the problem of watching online videos is definitely reduced.

Player loading error, usually displayed in English, with “Error loading player: Cannot find source”, may appear in some small video streaming websites, maybe those ads that must be closed and blocked before uploading the video . In addition to the types of websites or videos that are loaded on web browsers, Youtube or other websites, we will also see how to correct and resolve the general reproduction of streaming video, whether they are powered by the player or not. HTML5 as JWPlayer or old Flash is still used by multiple video sites.

Video in Flash Player

If it’s a Flash video site, keep in mind that this doesn’t work for all devices. For example, on a smartphone, you can’t open the Flash website, so the video uploaded to Flash Player is not valid (Flash Player is only enabled on Android). On a PC, when using Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, Flash is blocked by default, and you must first enable Flash by clicking the box with the jigsaw graphic.

To find out if Flash is working, you need to open the test page of the Flash plugin on the official Adobe website. If you don’t see the animation, please press the box with the puzzle drawing.

For Flash video, installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is very important in the case of vision problems. Please note that if you use Google Chrome, you don’t need to do this download because Chrome uses its plugin and handles the update automatically (so you need to use an updated version of Chrome).

Another way to solve the problem of uploading the streaming video to Flash is to right-click it and go to Settings to disable hardware acceleration if you are slow buffering.

Disable Adblock or other site ad blocks

If the extension is active to block ads, many streaming video sites don’t work, and sometimes it’s not enough to put the site in an abnormal state to make it invalid. Then you need to disable the extensions used, Adblock or others. My advice is not to use a full ad blocker, but a pop-up and auto-redirect block, which is the most annoying.

Disable all browser add-ons

While an ad blocker may be an extension that interferes with streaming video playback on a website, there may be other extensions that can cause problems. Then try disabling all extensions and trying to play the video again. If the video is valid, it is necessary to try to know which extension is causing the loading error.

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