Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster – 5 Steps to Become an Cat Adjuster


First, you must know who are independent insurance claims cat adjusters

Claim adjusters are the professionals who are the eyes and ears between the insurer and the insured. An adjuster must wear many hats: outstanding interpersonal skills, dress like a causal model, have computer skills like Bill Gates, have knowledge of a contractor, think like a structural engineer, know how to help people through the “five stages of grief”, diagnose like an ER doctor, prepare like a lawyer, drive like you have an Indy car and be like the US Military – ready to deploy in a moments notice.  

So, becoming a claims Cat Adjuster is demanding and a good career option. The adjusters who deploy to large regional loss events like hailstorm/wind, hurricane, flood, and wildfire are known as cat adjusters and are the result of a natural disaster. You can become a cat adjuster by:

  • Have the passion to educate
  • Have the passion to help people
  • Have the passion to obtain as may state adjuster’s licenses
  • Have the ability to invest financial resources 
  • Recommend flood training as a part of your passion

The other benefits of being a CAT adjuster are: 

  • Great Earnings Potential – the adjuster’s earnings are based upon your passion.  During a catastrophe event, it’s known that adjusters can exceed six digits within a very short time. The professional independent claims adjuster has the potential to earn their dream salary. 
  • Flexible Timing – one of the best advantages of this career job is the adjuster is not confined to a 9 to 5 job.  The adjuster has the ability to choose the hours they want to work. 
  • Self Satisfaction and Fulfilling Life – generally, the professional CAT claims adjuster enjoys the opportunity to help people.  Especially as a flood adjuster.  The policyholders who have suffered from a flood loss are very happy to meet a highly qualified and certified adjuster who provides Excellence in Claims Experience. 

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