3 Best PayPal Alternatives for WordPress Users


3 Best PayPal Alternatives for WordPress Users

If you sell any product or service on your WordPress website that calls for the need for a payment portal, then you must read this article. Security is top-priority with regards to payments and this priority is incorporated on all WordPress themes and plugins. Now, people use PayPal as their go-to payment platform for charging their clients. But is PayPal really the only option in the market? Surely not! The WordPress customization service team has ensured that users have a bunch of payment alternatives at their disposal.

Why more payment options are a good choice?

The issue persists in the fact that the whole world does not have access to PayPal. It would be nice if you include a few more alternative payment options for your clients. Besides, when a prospective client faces even minimal obstruction in a sales funnel, it proves to be reason enough to abandon the purchase altogether. WordPress web designers can reduce the occurrence of such issues via creating compelling features and gateways. But they are not the ones who are responsible for more than one payment option for clients.

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We have curated a list of 3 alternatives to PayPal that a bunch of your users has a high possibility of using.

  1.       2Checkout

Diversity is the key to establishing a perfect and effective payment solution on your WordPress website. 2Checkout has a globally acclaimed presence. In fact, over 200 countries use 2Checkout, and even better, 2Checkout is compatible with a range of payment options that people from different parts of the world use.

Thinking of giving 2Checkout a shot? Here are a few routes you can follow to incorporate the 2Checkout payment gateway onto your website:

 Paid Membership Pro – This is a plugin that provides WordPress users the ability to make sales of subscription-based services. Due to its compatibility with PayPal, it becomes a 2-1 opportunity for you. Once you are familiar with the flexibility it offers, integrate 2Checkout too.

Easy Digital Downloads – Did you think that a complete WooCommerce setup is the best way to make sales? Guess what? You are wrong. This plugin provides users a much easier option to sell products online that WooCommerce does.

The main drawback of 2Checkout is its high fees. $0.35 + 3.5%/transaction is their starting offer. If you only sell digital products then your fee increases to $0.6 +6%/transaction. However, if your country of operation does not support PayPal then this could be a viable option.

  1.       Payoneer

Payoneer has a reputation for being the number 1 alternative to PayPal for a long time. It is present in countries of varied economic backgrounds, thus making it a versatile option for developers and freelancers all over the world.

They also have arrangements for over 100 currencies, thus making their transaction facility a strong one. Users also get an option to apply for a pre-paid MasterCard. This MasterCard is accepted almost all over the world.

How cool is a payment system that benefits users out of the WordPress world too? Users are permitted to make global fund transfers through their local bank linked to their Payoneer account. Payoneer credit cards are another option. One can use their Payoneer setup to access ATMs.

They charge a transaction fee of 3% and this proves affordable in most cases. Speaking of eCommerce marketplaces, Payoneer has amassed a reliable and user-friendly reputation.

  1.       Stripe

Stripe is equivalent to PayPal in terms of fee rates for transactions. They are the number one competitor of PayPal in the US market. They have taken a wise step in terms of their overall fee structure, as compared to PayPal. Transactions made internationally are charged only 3.9% as compared to 4.4% of their competitor’s.

There are two primary methods that the WordPress customization service team has included for users to make Stripe a part of their website. Both these ‘methods’ are converted to usable plugins on your WordPress website.

          Stripe for WooCommerce– If you already use WooCommerce on WordPress then the official extension added for Stripe can be the best choice for you. Otherwise, the Stripe for WooCommerce plugin is also great as users can perform Google/Apply Pay and even credit card payments through Stripe.

          Stripe Payments–This plugin allows a user to include links for digital downloads. In fact, even credit card payments are made possible via this plugin.

One drawback is its not-so widespread presence, being available only in a total of 37 countries. Thus, Stripe makes the most sense to use when you have an established clientele in one or more than one of these 37 countries.


People generally settle for PayPal due to their direct peer-to-peer payment gateways, invoicing, recurring payment features, in-store payments, etc. Being a person or business that primarily makes sales through a website it would wise to include one or more of the following payment options – Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Skrill, Fast Spring, Dwolla, or Braintree.

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