Real Time Processing of ECG Signal on Mobile ASP.Net Project


Real Time Processing of ECG Signal on Mobile ASP.Net Project project project


Hi friends,

Here I am introducing my project. This project easy to understood and easy to use. Here are many computer languages like, c, c++, java, php, oracle, Linux, and etc.

Some resources are accessed by the web based software(sql software, wordpress) while executing( project) the clients’ request. At the same time typically several requests arrived which lead to a competition for the available resources. Such situations querying is based on models and it is recognized widely.

The best Novel models, algorithms have been proposed to limit the queue model of the factor of performance. Our work aims to validate the models that is proposed as well as the algorithm to verify the accuracy of the prediction of the performance with the project measurement of performance in the ASP.NET surroundings. The results showcaseed that the metrics performance and algorithms are much more correct and accurate that the algorithm and the original model.

The best and top web based software application system is an important and complex consideration as it has a large number of users who provide high service availability with low time of response. At the same time a certain level of throughput is guaranteed. A properly designed model for performance and appropriate algorithm evaluation can help in the prediction of the metrics performance in the early development process.





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