Lockdown 5.0 in the blockade area extended to June 30


Lockdown 5.0 in the blockade area extended to June 30

Although the containment area will remain closed, the outer area may gradually reopen in stages. According to a notice issued by the Ministry of the Interior (MHA), the ongoing blockade in the containment area has been extended to June 30. Areas outside the containment area are likely to be allowed to reopen in three stages.

The notice is titled “Unlock 1”, and it divides between locking the containment area and the possible three-phase stage outside the containment area.

This is all you need to know.

  1. Three-phase opening in the non-isolated area
  2. Those areas that are not in the safe zone can be reopened in three stages.

A. In the first phase, June 8, the following services/activities can be opened:

  1. Religious site
  2. Hotels, restaurants and hospitality services
  3. Mall
  4. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) will release the operating procedures for these services

In the second phase, schools and educational institutions can be opened after consultation with the state / UT government. These institutions may meet with schools and parents to solicit their feedback. A decision will be made in July. Similarly, MoHFW can issue operating procedures.

B. In the third stage, the following activities will be allowed to continue:

  1. International travel
  2. Railway and subway services
  3. Cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, etc.
  4. Social, political and religious activities
  5. The third stage will be implemented after evaluating the current situation.
  6. Continue to block the containment area

The lockout will continue in these areas for 30 days until June 30.

These areas will be delineated by regional authorities, and states and UTs may also identify buffer zones outside the containment area where new conditions may occur.

In the containment area, only basic activities are allowed. Peripheral control will be maintained, and contact tracking will be carried out along with any other clinical interventions.

C. No change in the order of goods transportation:
Without any separate permission or permission, the goods will be allowed to flow freely across borders. However, if necessary, the state may prevent people from moving for public health reasons.

In addition to the basic points, a curfew will be imposed from 9 pm to 5 am throughout the country.

D. Aarogya Setu
It is recommended that government departments use the Aarogya Setu application (government contact tracking application). The latest notice is a far cry from the mandatory workplace requirements in Lock 3.0 and the recommendations in Lock 4.0

E. Protection of vulnerable groups
It is recommended that people over 65 years old, pregnant women, inhabitants, and children under 10 years old stay at home except for essentials.

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