Restrict lock on containment area


Restrict lock on containment area

The Ministry of the Interior has released the first unlocking guide. All activities outside the content area will be carried out in stages. The curfew has also been relaxed. The blockade of the containment area has been extended to June 30. According to the new guidelines of the central government, from 9 am to 5 am, the curfew will continue nationwide. During this time, you will only be able to go out to get basic services and facilities. The center has asked local administrations to implement Article 144.

Phase 1-
From June 8, all religious places, hotels, restaurants, reception services, shopping centers will be allowed to open. The central government will soon release guidelines in this regard.

Phase 2-
In consultation with the state and union territory, schools, colleges, education, and training institutions will be opened in the second phase.

Phase 3-
After assessing the situation, the opening dates for international air travel, subways, cinema halls, stadiums, swimming pools, and entertainment parks will be determined.

Restrict lock on containment area

  1. The central government has extended the embargo period in the blocked area to June 30.
  2. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the regional management department will determine the reception area.
  3. Only basic services are allowed in the containment area. In addition to emergency medical care, basic services and facilities, the movement of people will be prohibited.
  4. States and joint territories can also create buffer zones outside of “containment areas.”
  5. Based on their assessment, the states can prohibit any activities outside the containment area.

Not allowed to move

  1. There will be no restrictions on the movement of people and goods between the two countries and within the state.
  2. No separate license or license is required.
  3. However, if the country wants to regulate the movement of people based on public health and assessment, it should inform them of the restrictions in advance. These restrictions must also be widely publicized.
  4. According to the regulations of the SOP, passenger trains, labor trains, domestic flight services, repatriation of Indians stranded abroad, and repatriation of foreigners will continue.
  5. No country shall prevent the transportation of goods that carry out cross-border trade with neighboring countries.

Use of Arogya Setu App

  1. Considering the safety of the office and workplace, the center asked the company to do its best to download the Arogya Setu application.
  2. The regional administration can advise people to download the application.

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