Summer Holidays risk booking a trip for the next year


Summer Holidays risk booking a trip for the next year

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This year, of course, we will have to settle in destinations near the holidays: the overall uncertainty of travel, the different stages of containment of the Covid-19 emergency in Europe and overseas countries, and the possible economic recovery in the hot months locked in the long term After that, they can lead us to cancel the booked trip and plan other trips in 2021.

In fact, just planning a holiday can make us happy and beneficial to our mood: Researchers at Cornell University have come to this conclusion and compared the happiness expected from the experience of physical products. Planning new experiences, such as a trip to a foreign country, makes the study participants happier.

To confirm this, another study conducted by the University of Surrey found that people feel better when they know the holidays are coming.

It ’s always good to plan your trip first because it saves a lot of costs for flights and hotels, and you do n’t have to risk booking, risking the worst seats on the plane or the less attractive accommodation. So, not to mention having time to plan the next trip, it also allows us to “boldly think” and perhaps also reminds us of the travel whims we are postponing.

We offer you some special destinations: we depart from the Galapagos Islands outside of Ecuador and are ideal for nature and turtle lovers who do scuba diving in spring and November.

Among the most remote destinations on earth, we also include Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific: it has the world-famous Moai statues, and people who regularly visit this destination have finally visited parts of South America.

Indonesia has more than 17,000 small islands that can represent a dream trip for newlyweds seeking relaxation, meditation and pure beauty. Bali is the leader among most travelers, but even smaller islands such as Nusa Penida and Lombok can provide idyllic vacations.

Even in Japan, perhaps when traveling by train or going to see cherry blossoms in spring or enjoying the rich orange leaves in autumn, it may be an effective alternative to more exotic islands. There are multiple flight hours and attractions: Of course, planning the best tour takes time.

What about the original cruise to Antarctica? Only about 54,000 people visit the African continent each year, so travel and cruises are limited, so it is important to book everything in advance.

Finally, it is worth conscientiously organizing a safari park in Africa to appreciate the big migration: 2 million animals travel from Serengeti to Kenya ’s Masai Mara National Wildlife Refuge every year, and tourists from all over the world flock to see Zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle migrated more than 350 miles.

You do n’t have time to consider the choices, just list the advantages and disadvantages, and then plan your life journey!

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