Common AC Problems Which You Can Solve By The DIY Method


Common AC Problems Which You Can Solve By The DIY Method

Let us imagine, your son has gone to attend a quiz in school in the red hot summer. If asked to mention the names of electronic appliances in your home, he will mention the air conditioner as the first name. In recent times, with pollution becoming rampant, and the red hot sun increasing its temperature on our Beloved Mother Earth, some urban Indian homes have installed air conditioners in their home. But, imagine on an unfortunate day, the air conditioner does not work. Then the condition in your home? The family members may be forced to fan themselves using newspapers as the fan. In this article let us focus on common AC problems which you can solve by the DIY method.

Please note, with the tips mentioned in this article, you can not only save time and money but also make the appliance working again, instead of waiting for the technician to come and fix the problems.

Is your AC under repair and your family is not receiving cool air, then do not just call for an AC repair technician. Follow the given instructions –

Air conditioner
Air conditioner

A. Common AC Problems  – AC Does Not Get Switched On

  • Ensure that the appliance receives power from an electrical panel.
  • You need to check the equipment switches if they work properly.
  • Do not forget to check the settings of the thermostat.
  • The other parts you have to check if they are properly working is the condensate overflow switch and capacitor.
  • If you find that the parts mentioned above have suffered damaged or does not work properly, then you need to hire an AC repair technician. He will check, and determine if the parts need replacement.

B. Common AC Problems – The AC Gets Switched On But Does Not Run

Then follow the instructions given below –
If you want to dismantle the appliance, first do not forget to switch off the power.
Now check the AC filter. Does it need cleaning? Then opt for the DIY method. Now, keep the manufacturer’s manual handly. Just look at the condition of your AC air filter and the manual. Follow the guidelines. If the signs suggest for a replacement, opt for it.
There are chances that the ice has formed over the coils. In a similar situation, you can melt the ice, and then the AC will resume working again.
There are chances that the condensate drain has been blocked. Then clean it and the AC will get back to its normal condition.
The last part, you have to check in this situation is the outdoor compressor.

C. Common AC Problems – Is The Central AC Not Working?

In this situation, you need to turn off the circuit breaker and then switch it on. You need to go to the central electrical panel. Now check for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If the problem has occurred, then reset the breaker. Or you can also replace the fuse.

If you switched off and on the circuit breaker, and if the breaker trips continuously, then there is a problem in some parts of the system. It can be the compressor, fan or the capacitor. You need to hire an AC expert to identify the problem and fix the repairs.

You need to check if the thermostat is modified to the Cool position. Just make sure that the temperature setting should be kept to three degrees below the room temperature.

Ensure that the power is supplied to all parts of the appliance.

You need to check if the switch in the air handler or furnace or outdoor compressor is in perfect working condition. In the last part of the air conditioner, you need to check the compressor and capacitor. Please note, if an AC is not working properly, then in many cases, it will be the problem of the capacitor.

Please note for an air conditioner to work properly, the temperature, pressure and air flow in the room should be in proper condition. The AC has been designed to work in a specific way. And if the conditions are not perfect, then there are chances that the AC can fail.

office AC
office AC

Other Reasons That The AC Is Not Working Properly

1. Improper Installation

This situation is very rare, but it may happen. Just check if the installation is done properly. And also, there are chances that you did not check the volume of cool air needed for your home. Your home is large and the AC is very small. So, adequate cooling is not happening.

2. Condenser Unit

Kindly check if the condenser of the AC is in proper working condition. There are chances that the air flow might have suffered a block. In other words, grass, as well as weeds, are growing all around the condenser. And they have contributed to the blockage.

Please note, that this part of AC can become dirty easily. Have you kept the condenser in the garden? Then the debris from trees or plants may fall in the casing and give rise to blocks. Have you not done maintenance of the AC condenser for over a year? Then this may be the reason why the AC is not in proper working condition.

3. Condenser Coils

You need not understand the workings of the AC system nor its parts. The same aspect goes for every electronic appliance in your home. But, as a homeowner, you need to ascertain if the AC is given proper maintenance. In case of repairs, the bill cost will doubt that of maintenance. It is always necessary to have an AC system or any electronic appliance in perfect working condition.

Please note, condenser coils are one of the important parts of an air conditioning system. It is located outside the AC, but it works in perfect tandem with evaporator coils to take off the heat. But similar to every item in the house, this part also needs cleaning so that it can function properly. If the condenser coils are in good working condition, then the lifespan of AC will be the same as specified in the manufacturer’s manual. Or the appliance can even extend its lifetime.

What are the steps you need to follow?

Window AC
Window AC

4. Inspection of Coils

You need to have a sharp eye for inspecting the coils. If you see any signs of damage, then it is vital to call the local AC technician for help.

5. Remove Dirt With A Brush

Have you inspected the coils? Are they filled with dirt? Then you need to use a coil brush to remove the rough dirt. If old leaves are wrapped around the coils, then you need to remove them.

Coil Fins

There are times, that the fins inside the condenser may bend. In case, the fins in the coil have been bent, then you need to straighten them out.

6. Coils/Coat Cleaning In Times of Rough Debris

Now, take a garden hose or pipe and let the coils get wet. If the debris has stuck to the AC condenser, then follow this method. Let the wetness remain for the next ten minutes. Now make use of a foam oil cleaner. In due course of time, the foam cleaner will start its activity and the formation of dust//debris will start. Please note it is easy to purchase a coil cleaner from any hardware store.

After ten minutes, wash the specific parts with water. Ensure the cleaning is done in a proper way. Or else the fins may bend or break. There are chances the refrigerant liquid may have gone low.


So, mentioned in the article are some common AC problems which you can solve by the DIY method. But please note, that there are some situations which need assistance from an AC expert. For example, the replacement of parts. For example, consider a situation. You are in Mumbai and have an air conditioner at home. You feel that the AC is not working properly and do an inspection as per the tips mentioned in this article.

You find that the condenser coils have suffered small damage. So, the situation calls for assistance from a local AC expert. But please note, that the warranty period for this appliance has expired. You need to depend on outside professionals to fix the problem. But hey! No worries. To get the best AC technician in your home, you can download the app of the best home appliance repair company in Mumbai which offers doorstep services. These companies have skilled technicians in their customer care service team and they provide AC repair and service in Mumbai. So, search in the app for the best technician near your home, and place a request for repair or maintenance. The biggest advantage of opting for this service is making the technician come to your home as per your convenience for inspection.

The AC expert will arrive on the scheduled time and repair the appliance. But please note, opt for the technician services only when you are not able to solve the problem by the DIY method.

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