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Benefits of Drinking Water

by Michelle martin
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Water is life, and we cannot deny this fact. But this fact also cannot be denied that we are running out of our freshwater resources. We must say that the time is near when water will only be sold in shops and we need to buy it even for basic needs. This scenario could arrive sooner if we do not become alert now and stop wasting water. This post will give you a better idea of why we are strongly focusing to save water. Let us see the 5 most important benefits of drinking pure water.

Benefits of drinking contamination-free water

  • Joint lubrication

You must know that drinking water helps in lubricating your joints and cartilages. This helps a lot to improve exercise performance as lubricated joints have the high shock-absorbing ability and it assists during physical activity.

  • Regulates body temperature

When the body heats up due to environmental factors or high physical activity, water present in between skin layers comes out in the form of sweat to cool the body and maintains optimum body temperature.  Drinking a good amount of water daily ensures that the body is able to tolerate heat strain.

  • Ensures better digestion

Water is required for proper bowel movement and digestion of food. Water ensures that food we eat properly mixes and all nutrients & vitamins are supplied to the required body parts. While on the other hand, less water in bowel than required results in constipation, an acidic condition in the stomach, and other digestive issues.

  • Assists in weight loss

This might be surprising for you, but this is a fact. Drinking enough water daily helps you lose weight naturally. It is advised that drinking a glass of water before a meal can prevent overeating, and this helps the body maintain its optimal weight. Another way by which water reduces body weight is by burning calories.

  • Assist in oxygen supply

90% of blood plasma is water, and blood is the medium by which oxygen is supplied throughout the body. Thus drinking a good volume of water (3-4 liters a day) can help maintain proper oxygen supply to the cells throughout the body.

What type of water one should drink?

Now, you might find this question irrelevant or surprising that there is no such thing as a water type for a layman. Yes, it is true but what we want to say is whether directly drinking water that is coming from municipal supply can provide these benefits?

Such questions become valid when we have very limited sources of fresh water and most of the municipal water supply is treated with certain chemicals. The water we receive in our taps also has some amount of water treating chemicals present and those could be harmful to our health in the long run. Thus, it is recommended to have an RO water purifier installed in your home to kill the chances of entering chemicals in your body.

What is the role of RO water purifiers?

RO water purifiers contain filters that trap most of the contaminants including chemicals and biological impurities and deliver safe water. It is also advised that only having purifiers will not do, you need to ensure proper RO service and RO repair whenever required. Delaying this could be harmful and costly as well.

From where we should get our RO serviced?

For RO water purifier repair and service, it is recommended to call the dealer from whom you get it installed or the professional from the brand of your RO is. But still, if you are not satisfied with their service or looking for other experienced professions, then calling someone like Aqua Easy would make your job easier. Considering such an experienced & reliable water purifier service provider will ensure that your RO is in perfect working condition with long service life.

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