Work and Asset Management Cloud for Utilities


Work and Asset Management Cloud for Utilities

Work order and asset management are the building blocks of any business, and the utility industry is no exception to it. Both these need to be handled efficiently to ensure a strong business model that can deliver as promised.

Efficient work order and asset management are as important for the utility industry as it is for any other industry. Utility industry can benefit a great deal by incorporating work and asset management cloud. It is a sure shot way to streamline the tasks and ensure efficiency.

Work and Asset Management Cloud for Utilities involves planning and scheduling work orders, managing asset lifecycle, optimizing supply chain performance, enhancing the security of data, and much more.

Here is a closer look at what KloudGin’s work and asset management cloud for utilities have in store for you:

Work Order Management

All types of work orders can be prepared at just the click of a button. It helps in preparing all kinds of operations for preventive and reactive maintenance. It also allows attachment of dynamic mobile inspection surveys with configurable workflows.

Asset Management

Asset management involves keeping a close watch on all the assets and managing them efficiently. work and asset management cloud for utilities makes these tedious tasks a breeze.

The intelligent system also accomplishes tasks such as creating asset hierarchies, documentation of assets, asset billing and tracking asset location by collating the entire data in a single cloud first and mobile first global archive. Comprehensive Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is made available by clouding.

Fleet and Facilities Management

Work and Asset Management Cloud for Utilities enable comprehensive vehicular and manufacturing maintenance. It takes care of augmenting vehicle and equipment uptime, tracking and controlling costs, extending vehicle service life and managing parts inventory.

Modern Asset Monitoring

It enables absolute monitoring of assets and equipment as well as the tasks related to their billing. This ensures accurate billing.

Service Contracts Management

It allows efficient management of service contracts, warranties and service level agreements. The stakeholders can keep a tab on the real-time data throughout the service delivery cycle.

Procurement and Sourcing

It makes automation of all the activities possible. Right from purchasing, sourcing, vendor management to service provider management, every task is automated. KloudGin’s intelligent system has all the service provider information centralized with a single record. It also comes with service provider rating analytics which is based on various factors including quality and cost.

Asset Analytics

The smart system includes pre-built KPIs, Asset 360 and analytics that are created on the configurable business intelligence platform. Asset analytics help in preventive maintenance and improves the overall health of the assets.

Integrations with Third-Party Systems

It is easy to integrate with third-party systems irrespective of where it is based and what it is. KloudGin has connectivity with more than 50 enterprise systems. Its cloud-based integration engine pulls and harmonizes data from different sources.

Work and asset management cloud have become a necessity for the utility industry. It ensures the efficiency of various tasks and lowers the workload of the employees. Incorporating this intelligent management cloud for utilities is a sure shot way to enhance the quality of service and ensure customer satisfaction.

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