What to watch out for when choosing a double bed?


Choosing a double bed is an essential step in assembling the house. In addition to being the main piece of the bedroom, it is what you will sleep on for the next few years – and don’t forget that sleep is directly related to the quality of life.

Well-slept nights are a guarantee of disposition, vitality, productivity at work, good humor, and, why not say, harmony in the relationship. With that in mind, we have prepared an article with tips on what to watch when choosing a double bed with mattresses. Continue reading and check it out!

Consider the space available

First of all, you need to measure the room and assess how much space is available for the bed. Of course, without forgetting that you will need to move around the room. Open the cabinet doors and get to the bathroom (if it is a suite) in addition to allocating other furniture, such as headboard and nightstand.

To ensure proper circulation, the distance between the bed and the wall should be at least 70 cm – or 60, if the room is tiny. Ideally, both sides are free, as leaning the bed against the wall leaves one of the two in difficulty to get up at night.

It is also essential to remember the size of the doors, stairs, and elevators so that you do not have problems with mobility and delivery of the mattress.

Decide what size is right

After knowing the space of the room well, it was time to define the size of the bed. However, be consistent and choose something compatible: harmony is essential. Is it worth harming the mobility of the environment to have a King Size bed? Evaluate the options below before making a decision.

  • Traditional

Its measures are 1.38 m x 1.88 m. Although it is a little cramped for two more significant adults, it is easier for this model to fit in almost every room. Also, the supply of bed linen is more abundant and cheaper.

  • Queen Size

With 1.58 m x 1.98 m it is a little more spacious, this bed brings more comfort to the couple. When space has its size, it is an excellent compromise.

  • King Size

The measures are 1.93 m x 2.03 m. The bigger, the more comfortable, right? Therefore, this option is ideal for large people and those with small children who, occasionally, appear in the middle of the night wanting space between their parents.

It is a model with excellent durability, resistant material, and an exceptional finish. The disadvantage is that the mattress and bedding are more expensive – besides, the bed is suitable for large rooms.

Choose the best model

Still taking into account the decoration and, above all, the practicality, another model has been gaining popularity in recent years: the box beds. Its main advantage is the space-saving since there is no structure on the sides, head, and footboard.

Speaking of space, you can opt for a boxed double beds with mattresses and store items such as bedding itself, pillows or clothes of little use inside it. Also, there are several headboard alternatives – including in the form of a wall sticker – that can give a personalized touch to the decor.

Invest in the right mattress

Remember that the bed is the mattress. The right size and the most beautiful and functional model will be worthless if the double mattress is not suitable.

However, with so many mattresses available, choosing the ideal one for your bed may not be that simple. Doubts about the biotype differences between the two and what is the best option when one moves too much, for example, are common.


The springs combine comfort and durability, as they offer to cushion and support. Although many do not know, according to the technology used, spring mattresses also have different levels of comfort (this is crucial information for the right choice).

In the case of a double bed with mattresses, it is always recommended to consider the spouse to determine the ideal comfort level. The springs are molded to the body of each one, its an excellent option for couples with weight differences.

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