What is the cost of Heart Transplant in India?


What is the cost of Heart Transplant in India?

A heart transplant is a surgical transplant procedure performed on patients with end-stage heart failure. It is a surgery in which failing heart is replaced with a healthier heart, also known as the donor’s heart. Cardiac transplant is done by taking out the functioning heart with or without transplanting one or both lungs of the recently deceased organ donor and implanting it into the patient. Heart transplant or Cardiac transplant is not a cure for any heart disease; rather it is a life-saving treatment which is intended to quality of life for recipients.

Heart Transplant in India is very common. According to the latest studies, around 3,500 or more heart transplants are performed every year in the world. Hearts are available for free as it is taken out from the recently deceased person; however, the costs of heart transplant will surely hit the pocket of the patients. This surgery is not at all cheap and an ordinary person may not even afford the same. Let’s get to know about the cost of a heart transplant in India.

Cost of Heart Transplant in India

  • An average cost of heart transplant ranges from USD 50,000 to USD 65,000. This cost mainly includes the cost of the donor’s heart, prolonged hospitalization, tests and examinations, drugs and a lot more. A person undergoing cardiac transplant has to stay 1 month in hospital before the surgery is actually carried out. Also once the transplant is done, the patient requires extensive post-operative care. This care can be extended sometimes up to 6 months which can really add up to the cost of a heart transplant. Cardiac transplant is not at all an ordinary surgery and thus it is advised to pick only the best heart hospitals in Delhi and undergo successful heart transplant surgery.
  • Apart from this, a patient who is approaching for heart transplant surgery will have to undergo several tests such as EKG and chest X-Ray, Blood and urination tests, MUGA Scan, Abdominal Ultrasound, Pulmonary function testing, Carotid Doppler Studies and a lot more. All these scans and testing enhance the cost of a heart transplant in India. Recent studies show that the cost of pre-transplant workup is about 5000 USD in India.
  • The expense doesn’t stop here. There are chances of complications after heart surgery which also increases the cost of a heart transplant. Post-transplant tests and regular examination is mandatory comes with a huge cost.


The cardiac transplant involves three stages i.e. pre-transplant, during surgery and post-transplant. Cardiologist first determines the eligibility of a patient for a heart transplant. If he is eligible then several tests are conducted before proceeding towards the final heart transplant surgery. A heart transplant generally takes 4 to 6 hours. After surgery, the patient will be moved to the intensive care unit. This is complicated as well as expensive procedure and thus not everyone can undergo this procedure. So, find out the best heart hospitals in Delhi and get a new lease on life.

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