What is Corporate Branding?


What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is the “whole” of a company. To understand what branding is and all that comes with the definition of Branding, we have to talk about communication, image, and perception.

Whether you have been with your business for years or if you are thinking of starting your own business, we have to work on this principle: absolutely everything that surrounds your company communicates and the projection of your brand will be the set of perceptions of this one. Do we go deeper?

In this article I want to talk to you about the definition of branding; of the importance of this type of strategy to build a strong brand and whose perception is able to influence the price of products, and, of course, your reputation. The brand is that filter that is responsible for getting two equal things can be perceived in the market as two different qualities. As an audiovisual producer, our proposal is always focused on improving the perception of the brand.

What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is a concept coined by marketing and is based on the construction, development and asset management of a brand (Brand English). A brand is a company, a product or a service; a symbol that a designer or friend drew on paper, gave color and added an attractive typeface, but then

Where is the problem to the question of what is corporate branding?

The importance of Branding for company identity.

If we look back at the time the choice of one brand or another, it consisted of rational factors such as price, quality or service. With the homogeneity of brands in an increasingly competitive market, they seek differentiation through emotions. The complexity of the media has contributed to the development of the brand.

The times passed in which the media were scarce and a message reached large audiences. These are times of online reputation and consistent brand management from the heart of the company. Both the corporate videos and the promotional video are the most interesting tools to strengthen the presence of our products and services in the collective imagination.

The transparent communication of the company must be total when making the brand. It is impossible to hide on the internet. The brand has to be alive -to interact with its public-, have a personality and respond to its commitment to society in various aspects. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

The poor brand that tries to deceive its public through advertising. The development of a Corporate Branding program is very complex and the result of long-term work. This process is divided into different stages. This article aims to approach the importance of Branding for companies that must face, increasingly, a competitive and saturated market.

If you do not manage the values ??and meanings of your brand, you run the risk that others will do it for you.

How to start with a Corporate Branding Plan

The best professionals in corporate identity and branding establish 4 stadiums to develop a branding program for the company. Research, analysis and strategic recommendations.

The issues that must be addressed in this first stage are related to:

  • Nature of the sector in which the company works, the model of growth, profitability, competition, environmental concerns, the technology of changes, corporate culture …
  • The company and its characteristics.
  • Brands, businesses and divisions.
  • What all the parties involved think and say about the company.

Brand identity. Look and feel, how it looks and how it feels

  • Behavior
  • Brand architecture. Are there more brands within your business? Work a hierarchy and limit the space of each one.
  • The visual style and name.


Launching and introduction (vision communication)

  • Internal release if you want to involve employees, you should make them participate in this.
  • Launch for the collaborator/provider.
  • Launch for the merchant/distributor.
  • External launch

Implementation of our branding plan

It is time to start the branding plan, you have everything and remember that to have a strong brand you must involve all the assets of your company.

I will not tire of repeating it since many of the companies forget important aspects as the workers are the first to strengthen your brand.

Corporate videos to reinforce Branding

Why are advertising and corporate videos important for companies?

The answer is simple.

All communication that is in your hand (issuer) you can control it, outside of your environment the communication will not depend on you.

This is a basic principle in advertising, you have the first word to be able to position yourself in the sector and project a solid corporate image. Having these basic foundations well established, working daily brand image is easier.

How can the video help in the construction of my corporate branding?

If we understand the concept of brand and branding, video is one of the tools indicated to help us build a strong brand.

In this article we talk about what is a corporate video production especially in Dubai, the different audiences that it has and the most important objectives.

One of the things that we must have clear before making any kind of action in this regard is the public to whom we are going. Everything related to our company and its way of acting communicates a brand.

That is why it is important to highlight the different audiences that a company has (workers, suppliers, employees, customers …) and work accordingly and in relation to their interests and communication objectives.

Differentiating internal and external audiences will give us the opportunity to start communication-based on our brand.

A corporate video is a powerful tool in corporate branding that will make it easier for us to make the company’s philosophy known to its public, as well as to communicate other aspects related to it, such as its tangible and intangible values.

The latter is achieved exclusively with communication and are responsible for generating differentiation with the competition.

Our public must know what we are, how we are and what we contribute as a company to society (Corporate Social Responsibility). This series of concepts will make our company differentiate itself from competitors by offering added value. Your brand value or corporate image.

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