The top 5 hair color that is best for you


The top 5 hair color that is best for you

Shining hair color: Autumn is a bolder, bolder natural time. Brown predicts that when the weather finally begins to cool down, the color of the gemstones, plums, reds and dark pinks will be all the rage. “Think about the dark blue hair of the gold Kardash she is wearing,” she said. If dark blue hair color is not your beat, you can also try rose gold and light purple tones.

Chestnuts and cinnamon hair color: Why do you do a good thing? The red-brown-red season like chestnuts and cinnamon is a seasonal trend – there are good reasons. “They add warmth and are effective on most skin tones,” Brown explained. And they are also versatile: Brown suggests trying a single process like Issa Rae or using gradient tones on a darker basis.

honey hair color: In addition to being one of Jessica Alba’s most classic movies, honey is a wise choice for blondes and brunettes. “We have seen a lot of honey styles, but I think it will continue to become darker and more vibrant this fall,” Brown said. For a blonde like Saoirse Ronan, a slightly warmer tone is a good choice. They don’t want to go to the full black hair but want to change it.

Strawberry shortbread hair color: The advantage of this shadow is that both blond and red hair can pull it down. If you are on the dark side of the blonde, the brownish auburn stupid stripes are a revelation. If you are already in a family like Emma Stone, butter highlights are a good choice.

Cooling copper hair color: “For those who prefer a deeper red, bright copper is a vibrant and bold choice,” Brown said. Soft tones like the Madelaine Petsch draw attention to the eye – the contrast is improving – and it’s especially effective for warm skin tones.

If you feel more daring, Brown suggests taking a tendency to take oranges directly like Caroline Hjelt and Paloma Faith.

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