Tales of Magic Free Online Fantasy Game


Tales of Magic Free Online Fantasy Game


Tales of Magic Free Online Fantasy Game
Tales of Magic Free Online Fantasy Game


Tales of Magic – Free online fantasy role-playing game

Tales of Magic is a client-based, free fantasy online role-playing game (free-to-play MMORPG). The story is set in a magic school, in the power of magic is researched and taught.

The Story: Become the most successful magician of the world

In Tales of Magic you begin a new life as a sorcerer’s apprentice. In the mystical world of magic you start at a breathtaking magic school. Gather practical experience and fill your spellbook with powerful spells to become the most powerful wizard.

At the beginning of the game is to determine the force that should be applied in the game mainly. So you have the choice between white magic and brews strong healing potions, or the player decides to black magic and fights his opponents with the dark side of sorcery. In addition, you have the choice to opt for elementary forces and thus dominates the power of nature.

Team up with other players to magic circles together to increase your power in training.Together with your teammates and other magicians circle can be challenged in order to deprive them of their gold, and their pride.

The Facts: Magic Circle, Mighty robes, loyal companion

Magic circle players to train and serve as an opportunity to share artifacts with other players. Many important items such as potions can be purchased only by certain types of mages, so this is often the only way to get at the entire available spectrum of magical fantasy world.

Tales of Magic in thousands of clothing can be combined. It ranges from the hat on his head to the shoes on your feet. The garments have advantages in addition to optical properties also affect the player. Strengths and weaknesses of each robes should be tested in order to adapt them to your own fighting style can.

Players who are members of a magic circle, also have the opportunity to choose a loyal companion. The forces of the animal protection depend on the financial resources of the owner.


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