Swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta at Aquaventuras Park


Swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta at Aquaventuras Park

We know you want to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta; but, we also know that it may be confusing to choose where to do it; there are a couple of options. Although Aquaventuras is in Nuevo Vallarta, you can arrive at Aquaventuras park from Puerto Vallarta; it is no more than 15 minutes away. 

Aquaventuras is the largest water park in the region; you won’t find any bigger ones in Nuevo and Puerto Vallarta. What makes the park special is that you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in addition to all its activities. Here we will give you three reasons to swim with dolphins in Aquaventuras Park.

Aquaventuras Park

Prepare to live a day full of activities in Puerto Vallarta, with a variety of slides; choose which one is best for you and in which you dare to venture; also enjoy absolute relaxation in the slow river or if you want to have fun, throw yourself into the pool of waves and fight to beat the waves.

If water is not your thing, enjoy the area of extreme activities and demonstrate your talent. Do you dare to jump on the zip line and fly over everything? You might prefer “The Challenge,” a test of your balance and physical strength. If, with all this, you don’t feel the adrenaline, try the climbing wall and teach everyone your power.

Swimming with Dolphins

The best activity in the park and your vacations, you can visit the park without the need to swim with dolphins; but, when you buy your dolphin experience, the admission is included.

Dolphin Discovery is the only one with the  ALLIANCE and AMHMAR certifications in Puerto Vallarta. These certifications validated that all the animals in Dolphin Discovery live with the best quality standards.

Encounter with sea lions

Dolphin Discovery allows you to meet the sea lions, one of the noblest marine mammals that will make you remember your dog at home.

They will kiss you, play with you and give you the most sincere hug of your life. People always confuse them with seals; but, they have a tremendous aesthetic difference. It is easy to distinguish them. Do you want to know how?  You’ll have to visit them to discover it.

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