Secrets of the Design Elements of and what Businesses can Learn from it


Secrets of the Design Elements of and what Businesses can Learn from it

The acquisition of Souq by Amazon in 2017 for 580 million dollars is what you need to think about. It was seen by many as a landmark deal for numerous reasons as it was Amazon’s first foray into the Middle East. And there are many reasons for which this was the start of a great new phase for all the big and ambitious companies based in this region, mainly in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. A new development in this concern came just last week as Souq’s UAE website is now officially and but there is no change for the visitors who access Souq from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

While the whole website has been revamped in this, an important factor is that the whole is now available in Arabic too, which makes it accessible and comprehensible to every Arab person regardless of his proficiency in the English language. Let me offer some more insight about the new website and how it is going to change the course of e-commerce in not just UAE but across the Middle East.

The Design and Layout of

We all know that how important it is for all of us to be able to browse through a website that is not only in the language that we speak but also offer us solutions that we look for. The design and layout of are just like with the top half of the page identically similar. There are a number of aspects here which are user-friendly and offer every visitor something from virtually every category on the home page so that each one would be interested in browsing through the website without the search option.

In the footer, there are links of all kind of information that a person may look for so that you need to be on top. There are many things that a visitor, especially a first-timer, looks for on a shopping portal. Any e-commerce portal can take inspiration from as you need to be on song for making sure that you are on top of your game. If you are looking for some guidelines here, please read on as I will offer you some cool tips to come up with a great e-commerce portal.

E-commerce Portal: What You Need to Know

Virtually everyone looking to start shopping website or e-commerce portal has the success of Amazon and eBay in mind. And there is no doubt why this happens. After all, they are the benchmark everybody looks forward to but don’t have an expectation of replicating its success right from the word go. You need to think out of the box here to come up with a design that is right on the money and can engage your visitor first-hand so he may think of staying on your portal for a long time.

If you have noticed, home page is predominantly in white color which gives a lot of space for products to be displayed prominently. There are many things you can learn just by going deeper here. Don’t try to use bold colors just to get the attention of the viewers as this doesn’t guarantee success here. The good product offers coupled with nice CTAs are what you need in order to be sure of a click. But don’t use click-bait tactics. So, what will work and how? Let me offer you a remedy here.

Don’t go for the click-bait and go for a design that can attract the eyeballs in hordes. This is where you need exceptional companies helping you out. There are a number of companies that you can contact in this concern as you need content and design which is exceptional, to say the least. And you need to find the web design Dubai company which has a great track record in offering support to companies like yours. You cannot experiment here with a company which is not just up to the mark.

Final Word

You need to be in total control of anything you are doing so that you know exactly what you need to do and how to move forward in terms of coming up with a shopping portal or any e-commerce venture keeping in mind how great companies like Amazon work. Please offer your comments or ask any question by using the comments section below.

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