Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

The third time is the charm of Samsung’s Galaxy complete wireless earbuds. Countless ears have been trapped in the rut for years. They are a wonderful idiot on paper with an idea – of course, Thneed is A-Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need. Who wouldn’t want the buds to connect wirelessly to your phone and each other? But so far, manufacturers that have driven this concept have been over-promoted and underutilized.

Apple’s AirPods may be the best all-around “all-wireless” headphones, but they look a bit silly, don’t stay in everyone’s ears, it doesn’t sound so wonderful music. Other ‘buds’ have been plagued by countless dilemmas associated with sound, connectivity, design or battery life. Samsung’s first two Gear IconX wireless earbuds have all these factors, which is why I am surprised at the company’s new Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds are not perfect, but they perform very well in the most important aspects.

Case closure

Each fully wireless “wireless” earbud has two parts: two earbuds themselves and a charging box that rests between uses. The case is one of the necessary scourges now. It protects earplugs and charges them while they are resting.

Samsung’s situation is more petite than some competitors, just like Sennheiser used for wireless Momentum buds. This is the size of three fast-food ketchup bags stacked together. Or the length and width of an extra large egg, but half the diameter. Or like a fun size Halloween Twinkie, if something like this exists – fun size snickers, maybe. Whether you want to describe it as a bite-sized food, it fits easily into my pocket. (Is lunchtime?)

Unlike Apple’s flossy casing, it lasts for 19 hours of extra juice, while Samsung’s cradle doesn’t need to play for seven more hours. To make up for this shortcoming, Samsung can provide nearly six hours of music per charge in the headset. You will have to charge the case frequently, but Bud can naturally charge a large fee. Many competitors require three to four hours of battery per charge and feel significantly worse. After a few days of inactivity, Galaxy Buds didn’t seem to consume them, but when I put them on my desk overnight, they did lose more than 50% of their electricity. There is no easy way to turn them off unless you put them in a box – this is a common limitation of this type of headset.

In addition to nearly six hours of battery life, my favorite anti-sweat (IPX2) Samsung Galaxy Buds is the comfort they have felt in the past few weeks. They are the same size as marble, with a small ear at the end and don’t stick out of my ears like some wireless models. Thanks to Samsung’s wingtips, it is natural to bounce them in and twist each one down to lock it in the folds of the ears. The default medium size works well for me, but the wings and earbuds in the box are getting smaller and smaller.

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