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Ringworm symptoms and Treatment
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Ringworm is a fungus. It looks like each red scaley patches are often redder around the outside with a normal skin tone in a center this makes look like a ring, Thus the term call Ringworm. Most of the time your health can provide and diagnose by looking at your skin. The fungus may glow when we looked at under a wood slum a blue light and it is done in the darkroom.

Ringworm is actually a skin infection caused by fungi. No worms are involved. The name “Ringworm” could return from the rash that a lot of folks see. On the skin, the rash usually has a circular pattern and raised scaly edges that wrap around the edges like worms.


Keep your skin clean and dry apply the antifungal and dry powder and lotions, or use the cream MICONAZOLE3 or LOTRIMIN these are collected from Pharmacists. Don’t wear clothes which runs against the area to wash your sheets and nightclothes every day because you have the infection. Your health provides prescribe the anti- fungus pills.
This fungus infects the human body parts like skin, nail, hairs are collectively called Dermatophytes. There are three fungi that create Ringworm are Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. These three infect the skin, hair, and nail. The symptoms are showing of dry, scaly lesions on various parts of the body such as scalp, nail, hair.
These wounds are accompanied by acute itching heat and moisture help the fungi to grow.  The infection of ringworm is acquired from a towel, clothes, dirty soil or even the comb of the infected person. The ringworm involving the whiskey area of face and neck is called Tinea Barbae.

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