Review: Social Media Marketing Video Training


Review: Social Media Marketing Video Training

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing has come of age in recent years. Many companies have their own social media team, or at least individual departments are active in social media on the go. Anyone who has little or no contact with this type of media, like the the video training “Facebook, Twitter & Co. – Successful Social Media Marketing” allow entry and explain the social networks.

The spectrum of the training covers the width of the classic social media marketing. In addition to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, XING and LinkedIn as well as various video, audio, and evaluation platforms are discussed. Finally, show the trainers Anne Grabs and Nicole Simon Best Practices examples, the success of social media monitoring and control by a few trends of tomorrow.

The training includes a DVD with ten hours of play time. The links mentioned in the videos on the DVD are collected and arranged by chapters available, either as a Word or PDF document. The duration of the chapters varies from almost thirty minutes to 1:18 hours.

beginners become familiar with the basics of social media and learn about the social networks. This means, for example, in the case of Facebook: Grabs and Simon explain how posting content itself, what is the difference between private and public postings and how to create your own pages.

The trainers explain always easy to understand and straight to the relevant pages. Does the network beyond knowing or would a more detailed explanation is beyond the scope referred to helpful resources in the network. So the viewer can move parallel between social network and video training and apply what they have learned.

Whether the voices of the coaches like, is a matter of taste. Who is afraid to spend ten hours a him / her any unpleasant voice, which should definitely be the free sample lessons on the publisher’s website daily.

For beginners is “Facebook, Twitter & Co.” very appropriate.There are foundations laid in order to delve deeper into the topic of social media marketing can be. All major networks are presented and explained in detail, and the audience learns through practical examples and the Identification of trends, such as the current state looks at social media marketing.


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