Playstation 4 Game Cheap Home Packages Sighted


Playstation 4  Game Cheap Home Packages Sighted

PS4 Game Cheap Home Packages Sighted
PS4 Game Cheap Home Packages Sighted


Update Playstation 4  (July 25, 2013)

There is still no official Playstation 4 Bundle Deals for sale in Germany, but the latest news from the U.S. can hope savers in this lists a number of packages consisting of hardware, a Playstation 4 Plus membership and a game. Titles such as ” Battlefield 4 “,”Killzone – Shadowfall “,” watchdog“and” cracking “are with the bundles.The prices are per package vary between $ 460 (about 350 EUR) and U.S. $ 500 (about 380 euros).

Update (July 22, 2013)

Expectations of Xbox One and Playstation 4 are great – the high-tech consoles to provide, among other new game concepts, greatly improved artificial intelligence and bombast graphics. Mark Cerny, who is responsible at Sony as Lead System Architect for the technical design of the PS4, dampens the anticipation and asks the player community for patience. Cerny says that the developer must first familiarize themselves with the hardware components of the Playstation fourth As an example, he cites the Graphics chip: it takes three to four years after his assessment to the GPU can be used for complex collision and physics. The statement is surprising, since the hardware architecture of the console is very similar to that of a PC. Thus, the full potential of the PS4 should actually leave quite quickly exploit. Cerny’s statement is therefore nothing more than a marketing ploy? It will be interesting. “vs. PS4. Xbox One: The Great Duel

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