Is selling guest post on your website is safe?


Is selling guest post on your website is safe?

I have a new website and you want it to get customers, few smart techniques would be able to help you. When a website is new, it does not get customers instantly. It has to win the trust of customers so that they show interest in the offered products and services. In other words, traffic is essential for a new website to build a reputation. Through guest posting sites, you can submit quality information and get the attention of a large traffic count. When you go through the process to sell the guest post, there are some precautions which you need to take.

Some important precautions that need to be taken are listed below.

1. Connect with reputed websites only

The eventual goal of a guest post is nothing but to improve the exposure of a new website. However, this goal can only be accomplished if you are selling the guest blog to a highly reputed website.  For instance, check the SEO position of the website. What kind of rank does the website have? Is it ranked on the first page of results? These are some important queries which need to be answered.

  • A guest post is sold to get backlinks in return. However, the goal is not to get any backlinks. Instead, you need to make sure that the best websites are pointing back at you. Just like a backlink from a reputed website can help your brand image, connecting with a negative website can cause damages. Thus, the goal is that you should not be hasty about checking the standard of the website to which the guest blog is being sold. Apart from the SEO position, have a look at the DA score and overall traffic count for attaining a confirmation.

2. The user count of the website

Apart from getting quality backlinks, submission of a guest post improves the traffic count. Again, this depends on the traffic count of the website you are establishing a link. It is obviously not possible to get traffic if you are not connecting with a reputed and well-established website.

  • Through Google Analytics, you can get a detailed picture of traffic on a website. Get the number of users on each page particularly the products/services page. At times, websites have a good count of users on the landing/home page. However, on the key pages that highlight brand products, the user count gets lower. This does happen when the products of the brand are not up to the mark or do not match the user needs.  Hence, connecting with such a website would not be wise thinking.
  • Websites that have inconsistent traffic on pages lack the standard of services. In some cases, the user experience is not up to the mark. For instance, a user would visit the website but may exist if he finds the usage hard. User experience is absolutely critical and pivotal for constructing consistent traffic. As a website owner, before you sell a blog and construct a link based relationship, be sure about each and everything.

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