How Voice Search Has Changed B2B Marketing


How Voice Search Has Changed B2B Marketing

Just have another look at the title. What does voice search and marketing have in common? Can you recognize the similarities? If you are new to marketing and voice search technology, you may have many assumptions. For example, you may have to do voice-overs for podcasts to market a service or product and many more. In this article, let us discuss on how voice search has changed B2B marketing.

How Voice Search Has Changed B2B Marketing
How Voice Search Has Changed B2B Marketing

Olden Times

Hardly a few decades ago, if you want to gain any information about a foreign country, there was a need to rely on radio and television news. Not any more. After the economic liberalization of 1991, and the popularity of smartphones, you can have any information at your fingertips.

But technologies have changed even in the way the internet functions. Two decades ago, you have to type an entire sentence to search for answers to a topic. But now, with the implementation of AI and other technologies, you just have to type a word and all your previous history comes one by one.

Enough. Now let us get down to business. Voice change has got an entire new make-over. In this article let us look at how voice search has changed B2B marketing. So, with the emergence of home automation products and virtual assistant devices, life has become a lot easier for the modern man. If he wants to gain enough information regarding the weather, he will just ask a question to the device

Alexa, can you tell me about today’s weather?”

And behold! The device will give information about the weather. Every day in developed countries, there are thousands of people who ask the question or different questions to the device and get the right answer.

Instead of just looking at Alexa, there are other similar devices which follow similar voice commands such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and even Cortana.

So, how is the new technology of voice search making a rapid change in B2B marketing? And what is the major impact? Let us find out the answers in this article.

History of Voice Search

When was the first time you saw in India, that the computer will obey a human voice? Hmm, take a guess. Did you just remember Star Trek? Yes, you are right. But that was considered fiction in those times. Video recognition algorithms and computers were still in the earlier stages to bring the technology back to life.

Then the advance in technology happened. Smartphones, apps, and every fact that was considered fiction such as intelligent robots just happened. The reason, artificial intelligence and data just improved and now, you have the voice search technology.

With the design of new algorithms, it is no doubt that many among the public, preferably youngsters prefer voice search technology. Know e-commerce websites? In the future, you as well as the other people may opt to search for any item on the website by just your voice. Since a major sector of the public uses mobile phones, they are the larger section among the public who use voice-activated assistants at least one time every day.

Now let us go to the Fundamentals of Voice Search and B2B Marketing

  1. Voice Search and B2B Marketing

When it comes to B2B marketing, the traditional methods are still in practice. So, the innovations and changes that happen in many industries hardly find favor in this medium. But when it comes to voice search, the changes are apparent.

You Use Voice Search (In Work)

In recent times, many working professionals use voice search in offices and when they are alone. So, when does this happen? You require an answer on a topic and are too tired to type the words. The next is saying the words and making Google search for the topic. When the answer comes, it is loud so that everyone can hear.

So, if you have a business, please note that very soon, the Indian customers may use voice search for a service or product. It is necessary that you take extreme steps to change your website and marketing content.

  1. Voice search Can Happen With Any Search Engines

Mention any voice assistant, and it uses Google or Bing as search engines by default. And we are talking about the reputed voice assistants from brands such as Alexa, Cortana or Siri. Yes, there will be different results, but it has been noticed that a website with good traffic and ranking on Google will also perform well in the other search engine, Bing.

Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur in a company which provides doorstep services for mobile repair in Bangalore. You have also signed as a customer care company to a start-up which provides doorstep services for mobile repair in Bangalore all over the city. To make your company become popular, you have put a separate digital marketing team in place. And the team has an active presence on many social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now, you do not have to make major changes to the website. Yes, you may have to do minor changes along with SEO. And sure, the words should be changed to voice friendly interface.

  1. Voice Search Queries Are Conversational In Nature

You may have had a conversation about a topic and then moved on to something new. So, if you have to ask Siri, what is the height of Parliament Building? It will answer. But you cannot ask questions in a way that the device cannot answer. It has to be clean and neat.

If the device is not able to answer the question, then it will give rise to another answer. But round and round, you will get the perfect keyword where you can make the device give the correct answer.

So, the conversations with the device may take a long time. If you want to make the website optimized to voice search, then you may have to restructure the content a bit so that it is apt for businesses.

  1. Beyond Voice Search: Voice-Enabled Apps

Voice-enabled apps have made a grand entry to the market. They have already opened new ways of interaction. You can make a chatbot share an email to a customer. Or a business website can give you relevant information because they have installed an AI chatbot which can respond to apt requests.

The best example for this app is Einstein Voice from Salesforce. Imagine you are a sales executive and want to send some information to a customer. You can just speak to the app, it will just transcribe and then send to the specific customer.

Please note, that if you want to change the content on the website, as per voice search, it is a welcome option. But be prepared to have content that is readable to the public and beyond the level of voice search.

Two Ways You Need To Tune Your Website Content For Voice Search

  1. Align The Voice And Mobile Strategies

So, now you know that mobiles and voice search are linked to each other. And every day, millions of people speak to their mobile phone to search for a service, place a request or find an item to purchase. Please note, that the first job you have to do is to have a mobile responsive website. Or else you will lose a major chunk of the customer market. So, you also need to tune the content as per the recent trend.

  1. Friendly Content That Can Come In Voice Search

A voice search optimized content will help your company gain more customers. Let us imagine, you have a company offering services for mobile repairing in Mumbai. To gain customers all over the city, you have entered in partnership with a home appliance doorstep repair company which offers mobile repairing in Mumbai (all over the city). Now in your own personal website, you have implemented voice search optimized content. You can see the number of customers growing more every month this new year.

You have implemented –

  • You have used plenty of questions and also adopted a conversing style for the content on the website.
  • The answers to the questions are sharp and to the point.
  • The content has been prepared in a way making use of the Hemingway app.
  1. Target Your Content On Voice Search Queries

Let us imagine you have a company offering TV repair in Mumbai. You have recently entered in partnership with a company which offers LCD TV repair service in Mumbai (the entire city). Now with your company website, you have asked the marketing team to put up voice search content optimization words. They are in the process of completion, and you are keeping your fingers crossed. The reason, voice search can definitely pull in more customers for your company website.


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