How to remove unwanted hair at home


How to remove unwanted hair at home

Although hair provides insulation to our bodies, they also affect the perfect appearance of people. Unwanted hair on visible areas of the body (such as hands, feet, face, and back) is one of the major cosmetic problems faced by many women. Due to the imbalance of hormones in the body, irregular menstrual cycles, unwanted hair growth occurs with certain medications or due to pregnancy. Although many of the latest technologies such as waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, etc. can be used for unwanted hair removal, they are expensive and many women cannot use them. There are many ancient natural home remedies that can be used to effectively remove excess hair from different parts of the body. Since these therapies are natural, they have no side effects and are much cheaper than the methods offered by beauty clinics.

Home therapy removes unwanted hair

The home therapy given here without hair removal is easy to follow. Find out which method is best for the hair you don’t need.

  1. A mixture of sugar and lemon for facial hair
    The addition of water and lemon juice helps to exfoliate and provide a natural bleach for the face. The lemon juice used helps to lighten the color of the facial hair. The combination of these three ingredients helps to effectively remove hair from the face and other parts of the body. It is not recommended to use these ingredients on sensitive parts.

    . 2 tablespoons of sugar
    B. 10 tablespoons water
    C. 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
    D. a small bowlMethod:
    Mix sugar and water in a small bowl. After the sugar solution is ready, add the lemon juice to the bowl and mix well. Now apply this mixture of sugar and lemon to your face to make your hair grow on your face.
    Let this mixture rest on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, it was washed with water and the mixture was gently rubbed by hand. Repeat this process two to three times a week to reduce facial hair.

  2. A mixture of sugar, honey, and lemon in the hair on the legs and arms
    Adding water, lemon and honey sugar is a very good home remedy that removes excess hair from the body. It acts like wax and is very effective in removing unwanted hair growth from the legs and arms. This process can be a bit painful because it is more or less similar to waxing and plucking in beauty salons.

    Ingredients and tools:
    . 1 tablespoon sugar
    B. 1 teaspoon lemon juice
    C. 1 teaspoon organic honey
    D. Water (optional to make the slurry thinner)
    E. Corn starch or general purpose flour – 1 to 2 teaspoons
    F. a piece of cloth or waxing tape
    G. Spatula for waxing or butter knifeProgram:
    In a small bowl, add sugar, lemon, and honey and mix well. The mixture was heated in a container for 3 minutes to make it a smooth, free-flowing paste. If you find that the slurry is a bit thick, add water and mix well. The mixture was allowed to cool at room temperature.
    Cleaning requires the body parts of the mixture to be applied and then dusted with corn starch or general purpose flour. Use a waxing scraper to apply a lot of warm sugar, lemon and honey mixture to areas where you don’t want to see excess hair. Apply it to the direction of hair growth, once covered with a cloth or wax strip, and then pressed to stick to the paste. If your hair grows, pull the strip in the opposite direction to effectively remove excess hair.
    You can repeat this process whenever you notice unwanted hair growth on your hands or legs.

  3. Sugar molasses family wax treatment
    Mixing sugar with molasses or corn syrup will give you the same effect when mixing sugar, honey, and lemon together. Magnesium is a major component of molasses and helps balance hormones.
    It relieves excess hair slowly and steadily. Mixing sugar with molasses or corn syrup will make the molasses a depilatory wax that can be used to remove excess hair on hands and legs.

    . a cup of sugar
    B. Molasses or black corn syrup
    C. Half lemon juice
    D. Cloth or waxing tape
    E. containerProgram:
    Take a safe container with a microwave and add sugar.
    Add a drop of molasses to the top of the sugar and heat the container for 2-3 to 3 minutes.
    Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved and then add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the mixture.
    Stir well and, if necessary, heat the mixture for two to three minutes until all ingredients are well mixed.
    Allow it to cool at room temperature. When the liquid is a little warm, apply it to the hands and legs to see unnecessary hair growth.
    Now place the waxing tape on this smeared mixture and press it.
    Pull it down to remove excess hair and repeat the process when you find unnecessary hair growth on your hands and legs. This is a painful process.

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