How to increase motivation at the workplace


How to increase motivation at the workplace

Employee motivation is a big concern for every organization. It is the employee that makes the company, and if they are lacking motivation, the company’s success will suffer. No matter how dedicated an employee is towards his/her work, there would be days when they would lack motivation. And it is completely okay, but if this phase continues for long, it distracts other employees too and harms their productivity.

That is why it is imperative that every organization takes measures to enhance the productivity of their employees. From comfortable furniture to praising the employee on their achievements, everything can motivate them. In this blog, we will list some ways that will help you increase motivation in your workplace.

Let’s explore the ways.

  1. Recognizing hard work

If you ask employees what motivates them the most, maximum of them will say ‘managers/seniors recognizing their hard word’. It is so true when an employee is putting so much effort and hard work into a project, and it turns out to be a success, they deserve recognition and appreciation. It will help them keep up the good work for future projects as well.

Moreover, if their project is not that successful, still praise their efforts so that they work even harder on their next project.

  1. Explain clearly what is expected of them and give feedback often

If you don’t tell the employee what is their role and what you expect from them on a certain project, they would be without any aim. That will lead to them lacking motivation and wasting their skills and time. Thus, state clearly what you want them to do and have some method their measures their performances.

Also, provide them with immediate feedback, giving them review after three months since the project completed, will benefit no one.

  1. A change in scenery

Working in the same environment can often dampen your spirit, especially, if the weather is a little gloomy outside. A change in scenery can help with this as bright colors, more natural light and motivational poster can help uplift mood and your spirit. Make sure that there are more plants and greenery in your office, and enough sources of natural light so that people can enjoy the sun.

  1. Have a relaxing room

No matter how big or small your office is, make sure you have a small room for your employees where they can relax and have downtime with their colleagues. It can be a food court where employees can get food and beverages and can chill while eating there.

  1. Give negative feedback privately

If you are not happy with the employee’s work, make sure that you give negative feedback privately. Calling them out in front of his/her colleague will embarrass them, and their motivation will go down instead of going up.

  1. Have comfortable furniture

It seems weird, but furniture plays a crucial role in keeping an employee motivated. An employee would love to be comfortable while working, and if your furniture is not comfortable, they would have back or neck pain. It would result in discomfort, and your employee will not be able to concentrate on work.

  1. Improve communication

The communication between managers and his/her team must be personal. Don’t always rely on emails or phone calls for conversation. When you converse with your team face to face, you build trust with them and help to motivate them to work better. It also helps you to learn about their issues/problems faced by them and help overcome them.

Keep motivating your employees so that their and the company’s success go hand in hand.

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