How to find PAN of a company on income tax e-filing website


How to find PAN of a company on income tax e-filing website

ITR submission 2019: In order to alleviate the plight of taxpayers, the income tax department recently proposed a clarification, what to do if it is difficult to find the company’s PAN.

income tax e-filing website
income tax e-filing website

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ITR filing 2019-20: Many taxpayers may encounter difficulties in applying for ITR in the 2019-2020 assessment year. While there may be different types of problems, one of the issues is related to the PAN of a company that offers taxpayers who may hold shares or may hold shares in the 2018-19 assessment year. Some investors get the shares they allocated during the IPO they held. Some of these companies are either bankrupt or stop receiving annual reports. The new ITR form requires people to list the company and the company’s PAN. “If a taxpayer holds directorship and invests in an unlisted stock, you must quote the ‘PAN’ of your company holding a director or unlisted equity investment, and other details at any time during the 2018-19 financial year,” ClearTax Founder and CEO Archit Gupta said.

In order to alleviate the plight of taxpayers, the income tax department recently proposed a clarification – “In this case, the company’s PAN may provide, if any. If you can’t get the PAN of the delisted company, you can enter the default value instead. PAN, such as “NNNNN0000N”. However, if you still want to get PAN, here is the way to find it.

The choice of ITR form will vary depending on the source of income, your status and the nature of the shares held. “When the taxpayer is a director of the company, the company’s PAN should be entered in the form of ITR-2 and ITR-3 income tax, and in the case where the taxpayer is a non-listed company’s shareholder, such company’s PAN will be entered. ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-5, and ITR-7,” Gupta said.

According to Gupta, if you hold an investment in the equity of a non-listed company at any time during the fiscal year 2018-19, you must force the following details:

  1. Company name
  2. The company’s PAN
  3. Opening balance – the number of shares held and acquisition cost
  4. Shares acquired during the year – number of shares, date of purchase or subscription, par value per share, issue price per share (new issuance), the purchase price per share (if purchased from existing shareholders)
  5. Shares transferred during the year – number of shares and selling consideration
  6. Ending balance – number of shares and acquisition cost

Number of PAN unlisted companies – difficult

However, it is sometimes difficult to purchase PANs especially in the case of companies that have been liquidated. “Under the facilities provided by the income tax department, the user can know/verify the permanent account number (PAN). This tool is called “PAN Verification” or “know your PAN.” However, for using this tool, the user should own the company’s PAN, Name and registration date,” Gupta said.

How can I find the company’s PAN?

Alternatively, there are two ways to find a PAN for an unlisted company – through the Indian Income Tax electronic application website or using the company’s GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Registration Number). On the Indian Income Tax Electronic Application website, the steps are as follows:

On the left panel of the Income Tax India e-application website is a link to “Know Your TAN”. After clicking on it, you must enter the company name and the name of the state in which the company registration office is located.

  1. To get an address, you can search the company’s registered office online.
  2. You will need to enter the state name, company name, and your own mobile number.
  3. You will get one or more company names. Click each to confirm that it is what you are looking for. Now check the address to confirm.

Result: PAN and other details will be shown to you.

“If you know the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Registration Number), you can find the PAN from the taxpayer’s GSTIN. GSTIN is a PAN-based number. In GSTIN, the taxpayer’s 10-digit PAN is from the 3rd to the 12th. Embed, “Notify Gupta.

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