How Technology is Helping us Keep Track of Our Health


How Technology is Helping us Keep Track of Our Health

As a child, we were always taught that too much technology would be bad for our health. Some mothers still tell their children that they’ll get square eyes if they spend too much time in front of the television, rather than going out and getting exercise.

While some technology may be having an adverse effect on our health, there is a whole new wave of gadgets that are helping people work on their fitness. Here are some examples of how technology is helping people monitor and improve their health.

More screening in more places

Traditionally if you wanted to be screened for a medical problem, you would have needed a medical appointment. Depending on the severity of any suspected illness or condition, you may have had to go to the hospital and have some invasive tests conducted on you. Even then, you might have needed to wait for days for the results.

Modern manufacturers of medical screen equipment are now making it easier and quicker to get tested in a wide range of different places. For example, the medical equipment manufacturer Depisteo is using leading-edge technology to create smart yet affordable machinery that can help conduct tests faster and more efficiently. The vision screener they have created is so simple, compact, and affordable that it is even regularly used during driving tests and by teachers in schools to check students’ vision.

Smartwatches and phones

Some of our most used tech can now monitor our health without us even noticing. Many smartwatches now have the ability to monitor our pulse and even our heart rate throughout the day. Any abnormalities will be recorded and you’ll be notified about any concerns the computer programme has.

Even smartphones can roughly calculate how many steps you’ve done every day. For example, iPhones now have a programme that can send a notification if they sense you haven’t moved for a long period of time. Although the message “get up and walk” might not seem to have much effect on your health, lots of small bursts of light exercise can help improve your long-term fitness.

Bringing the instructor to you

A fitness class is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to exercise. Whether it’s aerobics, spinning or even boxercise, having an instructor to spur you on is a big help. There are many reasons why people may still put off going to these classes. They could be unable to visit their gym on the day the classes are held, or even reluctant to exercise in front of other people.

Now you can avoid both of those issues by streaming exercise classes at home whenever you can fit in a workout. Products like Peloton can provide you with a spinning bike as well as a lively and often interactive virtual class to spin along to.

Planning a healthy diet online

The internet is even making it easier to prepare healthy food. There are a number of different subscription services that will deliver fresh ingredients to your door. Many companies measure out the ingredients and provide recipe cards to make it simple to prepare a nutritious meal.

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