How Hackers Target WordPress Sites


How Hackers Target WordPress Sites

WordPress sites make up a lot of sites on the web, which might explain why there are over 90,000 attacks per minute, according to It is the most hacked into CMS of them all, and successful hackers can use the website to steal customer data, sell illegal goods, phish to customers, trick customers into downloading malware, and much more. Here are the main ways that hackers target WordPress sites.

Out of Date Sites

Almost half of the WordPress sites that have been hacked using outdated installations, which is great news for hackers as outdated sites, are easy to find and target through simple terminal commands like wpscan. Updates give users new features, but also essential security patches. There’s very little reason to not update your WordPress installation unless you use a super outdated plugin that doesn’t work for new sites (in which case you should find a new solution ASAP as outdated plugins can also be targets themselves). The solution to this one is easy, update your plugins, themes, and core whenever they need an update.

Insecure Local Systems

It can be easy to hack into a WordPress site if the computer that the webmaster is using is insecure. If somebody hacks into your laptop, it won’t be difficult to access your WordPress site because all the information will be there already. If you don’t have antivirus software or firewalls, this can be even easier for hackers to do. If you’re serious about your WordPress business, you should already have a local IT service, like Capstone IT services (Florida), which will take care of your site’s security, including your local system.

Pirating Themes

Everybody loves getting things for free, and great themes are no exception, but if you download themes that should cost money for free, you need to ask yourself why that’s the case. Some people believe in sharing what they’ve paid for with their fellow users, but more often than not, people will be looking to make a buck when they can. They can do this by inserting malware into pirated themes. If you install this malware, you will open your doors wide open to hackers who can make money from your site or simply by stealing and selling your information.

Free, Abandoned Plugins

Have you ever had a great idea, started trying to get it off the ground, and then found it loses steam? Plugin developers are no different to this. Sometimes they can have an excellent idea for a plugin but then lose motivation to continue it, especially if they offer it for free. When a plugin is found having a vulnerable security feature, it can be easy to scan the internet for any sites that use this plugin, allowing hackers to have thousands of hackable sites displayed to them on a platter. If your plugin has been abandoned by the creator, the security of the plugin will eventually lapse, regardless of how skilled the developer was. Having an abandoned plugin installed on your site poses you a threat, so make sure to delete any plugin that isn’t actively maintained. 52% of WordPress vulnerabilities come from plugins.

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