How ByteFence gets installed on your system?


How ByteFence gets installed on your system?

What is ByteFence anti-malware?

ByteFence is a consistent anti-malware program that is created and marketed by Byte Technologies. As per many, it is believed to be a virus, but in reality, it is not.This type of knowledge can be learned in any online IT course – you can visit this site for the best ones around. The important executable file of this product is known as bytefence.exe which steadily keeps running in the “C:\Program Files” subfolder upon the program’s establishment. So, it is important to know what is ByteFence anti-malware removal tool.

However, in spite of the way that the application works, itself is safe, few online groups have been grumbling about its inconvenience – as indicated by them, Byte fence can creep in by itself on your PC with no notice. This application comes as freeware with any other software you would have installed on your computer.

ByteFence can come from various sources like media players, archivers, fake flash player and downloaders updates. Due to all these medium, the virus enters your computer, because the Installation process constantly keeps running in the background, and users all of a sudden get ByteFence Anti-Malware introduced on the PC.

Due to the latest strategy, some of the security experts have gained it included as PUP (“potentially unwanted program) class. The analysis was done of security programs that are as yet identifying this anti-malware as an infection.

Be extra watchful what you agree to installation. We advise you always to use custom installation as your preferred choice and deselect anything that isn’t familiar or trustable, a mainly optional software that you never download and introduce. It should be a thumb rule that you should not install software that you don’t trust. As a suggestion, we recommend that, to avoid any virus entering your computer, be on an alert whenever you are installing new software because mostly a new software installer includes optional installers introduces, here the best example can be the ByteFence program.

Once on your PC, this undesirable program can change your web-browser’s settings which includes your start page, a new tab page, and default search engine.

After infecting your system, the ByteFence will open and launch itself whenever you open another tab in your web browser, or when you attempt to look for any data on any of the frequently used browser like -the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Due to these changes, a lot of mess is created in the search results which includes a lot of advertisements, links to unwanted and ad web pages and only the latter part is search results for your query from popular search engines remain like Internet Explorer, Google or Bing.

Affected Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • MS Edge
  • Safari

How ByteFence installed in PC?

  • It gets inside your order along with the installation of any new software applications which the user does without entirely reading license agreements or reading without terms and condition. In most of these circumstances, it happens due to sharing files like music, photos and a variety of networking environment, visiting porn and adult websites are also answerable behind this threat inside your system.
  • Messages send via or social networking media like Facebook, Skype messages. The most common example is an email sent from an associate which will include what looks like from some known account, which could have business-related documents inside. Go through the attachment carefully, and if you receive with the file attachment if it closes with .exe or it is .exe file then it’s most likely an infection!
  • Bundling: It comes bundled with a free application hosted from an unreliable site that the user might have installed recently. The third party installers by concealing themselves in freeware installation.
  • Visiting Illicit Site-It can also get attached on your PC, if you are a frequent visitor to unsafe sites like Porn sites or gaming or betting sites which contain illegal stuff. Furthermore, the infected user should make sure that they don’t click on misleading ads or indiscriminate links which redirects the victim to the social media site.
  • Spam emails: Major source of this browser hijacker gets into your computer through malicious email attachments in the nasty links and infected attachments and download links from unknown emails.
  • Torrents & P2P File Sharing: This program also works as an Adware; the most significant source is the online ads are another common culprit. Torrent sites are known for their tricks which involves multiple fake download buttons. If you make a mistake to click the wrong button a file gets downloaded with the same name like the file you want. Unfortunately what’s inside is the virus.
  • Alluring download websites –they are another source of adware programs to get into your computer. When you download a file from such fake webpage with a similar name, the data that comes with the download is most probably loaded with infections, viruses, malware, and other threats. So it is advisable not to open documents which you might get from random sources without scanning them for infections first. Always keep an anti-virus program on your machine.

Purposes of ByteFence virus:

  • Modification and alteration: Although the creator of this program claim it is a free tool for the protection from malware and viruses, but this is not true at all as we all know nothing comes for free. This tool brings in a lot of changes and hampers the normal working of the computer.
  • Simply spying: Byte fence is used as a tool for keeping an eye on you and your exercises while surfing the Internet. The hackers have designed Byte fence to control the PC’s accessories – like mics and cameras; keeping in mind the end goal of all such sources is to keep a tab on all your activities. They also can hack your accounts and keep a record of your keystrokes.
  • Used for spreading Virus or infections: Despite its claim that ByteFence is featured as a real-time protection mechanism and can detect incoming malware on the go. To allure the customer they offer two versions of the program – free and pro, which is paid. The free version of this anti-malware can only detect malware but cannot remove it. To get rid of the identified threats, you will be forced to purchase the Pro version or use other anti-malware software.

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