Finance And Administration Courses


Finance And Administration Courses

Administration Course: If you have always wanted to work in the administration and finance sector, this is your opportunity! In Campus Training we have developed a complete training that will give you all the tools to become the qualified professional that companies from all over the country are looking for to have an efficient and well-developed business management. Sign up today and become the professional with administrative skills that you want to be!

 What will you learn in this Administration and Finance Course?

With this distance management and finance course you will learn to:

  • Process documents or internal or external communications in the information circuits of the company.
  • Prepare documents and communications based on received orders, information obtained and / or needs detected.
  • Sort, record and archive communications and documents according to the appropriate techniques and parameters established in the company.
  • Manage business administrative processing processes in relation to the commercial, financial, accounting and tax areas, with an integrated vision of them.
  • Carry out the accounting and tax management of the company, according to administrative procedures and procedures, applying the current regulations and in conditions of safety and quality.
  • Supervise the treasury management, the capture of financial resources and the feasibility study of investment projects, following established norms and protocols.
  • Organize and supervise the administrative management of company personnel, complying with current labour regulations and established protocols.
  • Perform the administrative management of business processes, carrying out documentation tasks and negotiation activities with suppliers and advice and relationship with the client.
  • Process and perform administrative management in the presentation of documents in different agencies and public administrations in the required time and manner.

Depending on the type of tasks to be performed, workload and company characteristics, the administration and financial salary that you receive may vary . In any case, this type of profile has a great margin for the improvement and development of an interesting professional career.

In addition, parties with the advantage that we offer the completion of management practices and finance to maximize your chances of finding work to finish the course.

Professional Exits of the Administration and Finance Course

Functions of a specialist in Administration and Finance

At the end of the Administration and Finance Course, you will have a wide range of possible professional opportunities in the business field. Among others, you could develop functions such as the following:

  • Office manager
  • Business Administration
  • Financial administrator
  • Accounting administrator
  • Administrative of banking and insurance
  • Administrative human resources
  • Administrative of legal, accounting, labour, tax or administrative offices
  • Collection management technician

Salary Administration and Finance

As we said, the salary of Administration and Finance can vary considerably depending on the type of tasks you should perform, the sector and size of the company, your previous work experience, etc.

Management and Finance Course Internships

Your training, within the framework of the Online Administration and Finance Course, includes professional internships in companies in your sector. You will carry out practices that will enable you to work in your new profession from the first day and expand your network of professional contacts. A large part of the students remain working in the place where they do the Administration and Finance practices.

Agenda of the Administration and Finance Course

These are the subjects of our Online Administration and Finance Course:

  • Module 1. Management of legal and business documentation (45 hours)
  • Module 2. Human resources and corporate social responsibility (45 hours)
  • Module 3. Integral process of commercial activity (60 hours)
  • Module 4. Human resources management (55 hours) )
  • Module 5. Financial management (50 hours)
  • Module 6. Accounting and taxation (50 hours)
  • Module 7. Logistic and commercial management (30 hours)

The training program is subject to possible modifications and / or updates if these are necessary.

Finance And Administration Courses
Finance And Administration Courses

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