Digital Gifts for LDR Couples



By Anne Balad

Being in a long distance relationship is difficult. Not only are you physically away from each other but special dates and events are often times not celebrated together. In order to alleviate this problem, we often send them physical gifts to take place for our lack of presence.

But in this day and age, you can surprise your partner with digital gifts which can last longer and holds just as much sentimental value as physical gifts. Here are a couple of online gifts you can send to your partner on your next anniversary or birthday.

  • Couple Website

    A website could be an online time capsule of sorts for your relationship. Here are some ideas you can put on your website that will definitely make your partner go “Awwww….”:
    Gallery for your pictures or mementos

    • Write quirky things you love about each other
    • Add personalized poems or short stories
    • Couple bucket list
    • Photos of places want to travel together someday
    • Important dates that happened
    • Timeline of events in your relationship
    • Embed a music playlist

    To get started on a couple of websites, all you have to do is just create a free website using a website builder like hPage. It is really easy to manage even if you don’t know how to code. hPage also offers a slideshow gallery which is perfect for those who want to have created a timeline of photos, a calendar for listing down notable dates, and an easy-to-use blog feature for jotting down memorable events between the two of you.

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  • Online Scrapbook

    If you know how to use Photoshop or other similar applications, you can compile all your photos digitally and design them with elements and stickers to create a scrapbook. Not only can you print the pages and physically hand them over to your significant other the next time you meet, but you can also create a story out of your photos together.
    To create a digital scrapbook, choose a theme and then craft a story or add captions along with it. Share them on social media, put them up on your website, frame them on your home, or make it into a storybook!

  • Digital Coupons or Online Booking

    Did you significant another express that she wants a subscription to certain software or learn a new language? Did she mention she was tired from work?
    You may not be physically there for your partner but let him or she feel the love by giving a digital coupon or online booking. There is basically a coupon for just about anything these days!

  • Photo postcards

    While I was browsing a travel niche Facebook group I was a part of, I noticed a guy’s post which asked everyone if they can write a message saying “Alfredo’s love for you is so big it has reached (your city here)” and if they can take a photo of that handwritten note at any place in their hometown.
    The response of the people within the group was really positive and photos along with the note asked for by Alfredo kept pouring in from all over the world. People actually went out of their way to write a note for his girlfriend and take a photo of it somewhere in the place they live in.
    It reminded me of postcards from around the world except for this time, the message was the main feature of the photo.
    You can crowdsource people from around the world like Alfredo did and ask people nicely if they can write a message to your significant other and take a picture of it in their area of residence.
    With these tips applied, always remember, you don’t always have to be together to feel the love and you don’t always need physical gifts to close the distance.

Anne Balad is the digital strategist for, a free website builder. Find her on Twitter @annebalad.

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