Breast Cancer Symptoms and Precautions


Breast Cancer Symptoms and Precautions

Breast Cancer is a common disease in women and men nowadays. Breast Cancer occurs bcoz of memory glands which are present in the breast. When cells increase day by day in a huge amount so it creates a collection of cells which replace in a cancer form. Breast Cancer mostly occurs in the age of 30+.


*Estrogen hormone which presents in a female body.
*Bcoz of Menstruation cycle.
* Women’s who get contraceptive pills or birth control pills.
* Bcoz of Radiation Exposure.
* If you are not eating healthy food and getting alcohol, Cigarettes and not getting proper rest.
* If you are using a bra which is not in your size so it also a big mistake.


* Etching and Pain in your breast.
* Swelling and Warmth.
* Breast shape and size is the change
* Wrinkle and dimpling on face
* Scaly sore and rashes in nipples
* The pain is created in one point of breast
* Discomfort, Inverted nipples, Lumps, or nipples discharge


*Don’t use the contraceptive pills or birth control pills avoid them to eat more.
* If you are having a baby so feeding is the best way to control breast cancer.
* Avoided the radiation thing like ( Mobile Phones ) or avoid working in a high radiation area.
* If you are going to buy a bra, so firstly check the size of bra.
* Use the comfortable bed and at night time, avoided to wear the bra.
* Don’t use the unhealthy thing like a cigarette, alcohol in your daily bases and eat healthy food like, eat green vegetables, eat antioxidant food like, ginger, lemon, dark chocolates, drink green tea, etc.

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