Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H


Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H


The notebook Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H is the latest copy of the laptop series Vivo Book. It is available at a price of 749 Euros from now.

The Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H is the latest copy of the notebook series Vivo Book, which in Germany and Austria is now available. As already its predecessor – S200 and S400 – the 15.6-inch full HD display was equipped with a touch screen, and equipped with the Windows operating system 8th the equipped, comfortable with two cores Intel Has well CPU also makes for a very long battery life. This base configuration offers to Asus for 749 Euros.


Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H
Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H

The laptop weighs around 2.4 kg and measures 38 x 25.8 x 2.1 cm. On the left side of the notebook next to USB ports and an HDMI port Kensington Lock, as well as a fold Ethernet port. In addition, a combined headphone-microphone jack, an SD card reader in standard size and a DVD multi drive with burner function is available. For video calls, the integrated webcam is in the notebook. Also the embedded keypad is dust resistant and contains a pleasant pressure point, which makes for a pleasant typing feel and stability.

Below the surface of the base unit are at least 4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB of hard disk storage, as well as an NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card. This is the Intel Core i3-4010U processor with 1.7 GHz, which with a higher performance and improved energy efficiency can score. However, it is possible for the user using the Turbo mode, the clock rate to increase to 2.6 to 3 GHz.

If you want more power or extras for the laptop, offers the improved, but also more expensive version of the Core i5 at which at least 8 GB of RAM provides. However, this model costs about 849 euros or the i7 model for 969 euros.

The embedded into aluminum S551LB   has a relatively low resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. If one looks closely, you can see individual pixels, but about 40 cm from the screen makes this lack hardly noticeable. A much larger flaw is instead the extreme mirror reflection dark. Because the display is not well lit, the user sees as good as ever with his own reflection, which could, in some environments than difficulty. The touch screen itself has the disadvantage of a slightly longer reaction time, but the notebook compensated for this deficit with a combination of keyboard and touch display.

Positive cut in different tests instead from the excellent fan of the laptop. Due to a very low speed, there is little to heat the notebook. This means that the user is not in the way, also on other substrates to use the laptop as a desktop for a long time.

The native Windows performance index evaluated the configuration of the Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H with 4.8 points; the desktop graphics performance was the worst. Whereas the graphics in games with an average of 6.3 points is classified. In everyday life, so the Asus Vivo Book S551LB-CJ024H is a reliable companion dark. This alone because of its sturdy case and all the necessary basic tools.


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