Allahabad Bank balance inquiry number for missed calls by 2021


Allahabad Bank balance inquiry number for missed calls by 2021

The Allahabad Bank Balance Inquiry Number shows a summary of all funds withdrawn from the account by the account holder. It can help track finances, check the account balance of Allahabad Bank, save money from any fraudulent activities, and learn about spending habits on a regular basis. Allahabad Bank is considered one of the leading banks in India. If you are a customer of Allahabad Bank and your mobile number has been registered with the bank, you can use this service. If you have not registered your mobile number with Allahabad Bank, you can contact the family branch and complete this task.

Allahabad Bank Balance Inquiry Number:

For Allahabad Bank account balance check, please call 8108781085, 09224150150, and then dial the missed call, Allahabad Bank will send you the mini bank balance information through your registered mobile phone number.

Make missed calls:

Allahabad bank account holders should use the registered mobile phone number to call the following number to find out the balance of the Allahabad bank account. To obtain a list of the five most recent transactions of Allahabad Bank, the customer should use the registered mobile phone number to make missed calls on the above number. The call will be automatically disconnected, and Allahabad Bank will send a text message to the customer’s registered mobile number, which contains the account balance details. Bank deposit balance.

Since Allahabad Bank merged with Bank of India on January 4, 2020, if you can’t check Allahabad Bank’s account balance with the following numbers, please try the following guide – Indian Bank Balance Inquiry

Allahabad Bank balance check-8108781085, 09224150150, 9223150150

SMS Bank

Allahabad bank account holders need to send a text message “BALAVL <Ac no> <MPIN >>” from the registered mobile phone number to 9444444443 to check the balance of the Allahabad bank account, in case the user has only one account. The balance shown will be the main account. Check Allahabad Bank account balance, get Allahabad Bank mini statement, get check status, execute check stop payment.

How to use SMS banking service?

  • Choose the form provided by our CBS branch
  • Fill out and submit at your respective Indian bank branch.
  • To use mobile banking services, please tick mobile banking in the box and provide your mobile number.
  • Your number will be configured as a mobile alert.
  • You will receive a PIN email (password) within seven working days.
  • Please remember the PIN code and give us 24-48 hours to activate it.

Check Allahabad Bank balance through passbook

The easiest way to know the account balance is to visit the branch of Allahabad Bank and update the passbook. Allahabad Bank (Allahabad Bank) provides passbooks to every customer who opens a bank account with the bank. Customers can check their Allahabad bank account balance by visiting the nearest bank branch to update their passbook. The Allahabad Bank Passbook contains complete information on all debit and credit transactions made by the account holder. In addition, account holders can conduct Allahabad Bank inquiries through the online banking mobile banking service at home.

online banking

Allahabad bank account holders who use the online banking function can check the account balance through online banking. The account holder should log in with the user ID and password and check the “Account Balance” tab available on the dashboard.

Allahabad Bank customers can use their Allahabad Bank account balances through the Allahabad Bank mobile banking platform through the Allahabad Bank online banking website

mobile bank

Allahabad Bank account holders can download the Allahabad Bank mobile app and UPI app on their smartphones to check the account balance. This is a list of all Allahabad Bank mobile apps.

MPower of Allahabad Bank:

AllBank m-Power +
BHIM application:
The Allahabad Bank mobile application is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The UPI application of Allahabad Bank is available in multiple languages.

ATM card

The process of using an ATM card to verify the account balance is as follows

  • Allahabad Bank account holders need to use a valid Allahabad Bank ATM card to access the nearest ATM of any nearby bank.
  • Insert the ATM card of Allahabad Bank.
  • Select the “Balance Inquiry” option.
  • After selection, the balance will be displayed on the screen.

customer service

Allahabad bank account holders can call the customer service number 18005722000 or 1800 425 00000 to check the account balance. After the call, select “Language” and “Bank Options”. Enter a 12-digit account number and a 16-digit debit card number. Enter the ATM password to get the account balance.

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