AC Fixing Dubai


AC Fixing Dubai

Air conditioning in Dubai is one of the life necessities, In humid, Hot and moist weather of Middle East Air conditioner is essential for everyone. In high rise buildings and skyscrapers, the air conditioners are centrally installed to maintain the environment but in a domestic household, it became an additional headache for the resident to install maintain and keep all the air conditioning system in working condition.
In the market, there is the penalty of companies comprising different aspects of AC failure. Here we can talk about entirely different and interesting facts which are not liked to be important but actually, your system is entirely dependent upon this.

One of them is Installation of new AC it is a very crucial task because it decides the life of your machine if it is not properly installed there is a high chance to be faulty very sooner.
Let us discuss some facts and enjoy them.

Sunny SIDE

This fact basically delivers on the window AC’s, however, these are very old but still working in different environments. They are not so energy efficient but their cooling capacity is immense but if it is directly under the sun it loses its capacity so if you want to place your window AC try it is away from direct sunlight.

Warm AIR

In Window AC’s there is no extra vent to pass the hot air it is only in a single unit. Some times the duct is not properly sealed and the hot air is coming to mix with chilled air and the relative cooling become lesser. So if you feel some defection in AC check out the sealing and make it proper.

Unit Vibrating

Most of the times the AC becomes highly noisy, What is it? Its nothing serious but if you ignore it may be your headache. It’s just a problem of alignment in your AC defective. To culminate this problem you need to check regularly after intervals.

Thermostat Settings

Some of the AC units have a very difficult and sensitive thermostat. Settings are very tricky and they need to be very deliberately calibrated. If you some time noticed that the ac is not cooling properly check the calibration of the thermostat before you call the technician.
Let us talk about the Fixing of New AC and problems invented through them.
The Key Factors involved in fixing the new Air condition are:


  1. Ambiance
  2. Hight
  3. Drainage
  4. Electrical Work
  5. Gas Work
  6. Let Us discuss these factors one by one.


Location of the A.C is very crucial to identify. It pays a very hard impact on the environment as well as the machine. In flats and compounds usually, the A.C ducts are given to install but in older buildings, these ducts became useless or overrated to be used this may cause you a difficulty because in these kinds of buildings the structure stands difficulties to hold the units.


The ambiance of the place is devoted to the purpose of that place to be airconditioned For Example Bedroom, Guest Room, Lounge e.t.c.
Every location has its own needs for fixing the Air conditioning unit. Like in Drawing room you are not supposed to install small Air conditioner while your bedroom has the heavier one.


Hight of the AC unit installed inside and outside impact very high on the performance of AC. If the unit is too shallow the upper environment was not been cooled because the chilled air is heavier and setelled to bottom.stalled if it is too high the cool air failed to impose any impact on existing air.


In air conditioning units proper drainage is essential but mostly neglected. Most of the problems derived from this bad drainage where the water blockage in inner unit effects vital components of AC and the life span become lower.

Electrical Work:

Most of the AC units consume high electricity however today’s fewer consumption units are available but your unit is expensive enough and you will not allow it to be damaged by some kind of low-quality electric work. Moreover, AC placement may need some extra electrification which can differ from the existing electrification. If it is exactly not fixed it may effect hardly to the exterior and interior of your beautiful house.

Gas Work:

One of the vital components of the air conditioner is the cooling agent which is gas, in most cases, the gas problem is aroused generally. The common malfunctions which involve gas are:

  1. Leakage
  2. Not Completely Filled
  3. Blockage in vent Pipes
  4. Not Exact pressure.

These all problems arouse if the fixation is not correct it also reduces the life of the AC Unit to its low.

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