9apps app free download APK


9apps app free download APK

This 9apps app free download APK allows you to download all types of application for your android phones. This application is reliable and trusted for all smartphones which are accepted by the android users worldwide.

The best part of this Third part app store it found to be good and active enough to serve the requirement of the 9apps free download APK user all over the world. The most like part on this application, when you open the application it will show you the list, which is most downloaded or searched by the 9App user all over the world.

Also, this store gives you an auto notification for an update of any application which you had downloaded from this 9apps app store in your smartphone this help you to keep you and your phone up to date.

Today I am going to share the application name which is easily available on 9apps app free download APK which is the most downloaded application since 2016.

The application name is Air Call Answer APK, this application answer phone calls without touching the phone and it works on every android phone with a proximity sensor.

This features you will able to find in this day latest phone which will cost you a lot and I am sure you are not one you will be paying this lots of money for this one feature.

So today for all those smart user 9Apps come with this application through which you can make any of your smartphones as a high costly phone featured phone.

This 9apps app free download APK Air Call Answer allows you to answer any call just by waving your hand over the proximity sensor.

The best part of this app, if there is an occasion where you answer the call by waiving the hand but due to busy hands you can’t bring phone next to your ear then this application enable the speaker from your phone automatically so you can easily answer and talk to a person on another end.

There are some more features which you can use are:

  • PocketMode ( Prevents auto-answer when the phone in pocket )
  • Enable / Disable vibration alert
  • Enable / Disable call-screen message
  • change position of the call screen message

Now you will be thinking about how this application work in your smartphone, so this application doesn’t add any additional hardware in your phone. It uses your phone’s in-built proximity sensor to detect whether you have waved your hand in front of the phone.

So if you are still using the old feature of your phone to attend the call by pressing or dragging a button then you can use this 9apps app free download APK Air Call Answer application and start looking smart in front of your friend and family member and show your swag, 9apps app make money online.

This application will consume 2.7MB of your phone memory and more than 100,000, + user is using this application with a rating of 5.4 stars. So if you want to know more of this application you can download and enjoy this smartphone, smart application.

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