5 Ways to Add Power and Personality to your Resume


A powerful and personality reflecting resume can be a life-changer for you. It’s way more than just a sheet of paper where you jot down your skills, experience, and education.

Your resume should be something ahead of a list of institutes you have been in and a list of awards your won.
It is a complete description of your skill and personality, which needs to be powerful and impressive. To reach this target of adding additional power and authority to your resume, you need to follow the following ways.

The words and sentences of your resume should insist on your boss to get impressed by you.

1. Write a Resume-Voiced Resume

When your manager or boss reads your resume, it should be more than lame details of institutes and awards.

Your resume should have body language, just like as if he is listening to you and your experience you gather and skills you polished and performed.

2. Avail Resume Writing Services

If resume writing isn’t your thing, you can avail of the Resume Writing Services provided all over the internet.

You need to choose the right institute, the right person and provide him with all the information you need to add to your resume.

Tell him about your personality and ask him to make it powerful and personality reflecting.

3. Use First Person (Use of the word “I”)

Using the word “I” in your resume helps to add personality to it. Giving details of how you used your skills and gathered experience using the pronoun “I” attracts the reader to know more about you.

You need to Illustrate your experience rather than just mentioning them.

4. Use of Exact numbers and digits

Using exact numbers of amounts and periods adds power to your resume. The reader gets an idea about how sure, confident, and known are you about your past work and experience.

Somehow, it also helps to reflect the responsibility personality of yours as you are particular about the time you give to gain experience or polish your skills.

5. Keep it Coherent

One of the best ways to write a resume is to take each skill and relevance to that skill, write about what job you performed through that skill, what experience you gained, and what new you learned.

This way, the reader will get a clear idea about your skills and a disciplined personality.

All your skills and experience will be reflected in your resume; it also adds power to your resume.

6. Add the reasons of why you were hired for the last job and why you left

These things help clarify the reader’s doubts about why you left the last job and why you were hired.
Before he misunderstands the situation, try to make it clear to him. By this method, you can add power to your resume, which means you will create a positive impression on your future boss.

Bottom Line

When your boss or manager reads your resume, he/she should consider you as the best option for him or her to hire.
Your personality should be clear in your resume, which should require no further explanations. Few little efforts and the job is yours.

That piece of paper is something on which bases you and your personality will be judged, so you need to make sure it is powerful and as real as your personality in real life.
This way, you will not only impress your interviewer, but very soon you will meet him or her as your new boss.



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