5 Things to remember when designing Standing Banners


5 Things to remember when designing Standing Banners

Banners are a marketing tool that is used very frequently in different locations. Standing Banners display an incredibly wide range of trade shows in terms of forms, sizes and styles. Everything about communication is an effective banner. People have a great story to tell, they have to make a solid impression and the information they want to provide is helpful. So they agree to buy a well-designed banner, whose entire aim is contact from beginning to finish. All the details will be explained quickly and understandably, each decision is made to achieve its specific business goals. Careful attention is always on the deadline, with all banners shipping two days after approval of the artwork.

Production is closely monitored so banners of the highest quality are delivered to people on time and budget. The base of standing banners is the part of the hardware that sits on the floor. Some bases are hollow and have a roller mechanism, which allows the graphic to be retracted and stored inside. Such retractable bases are wide and flat or have a one or more stabilizing foot rotating 90 ° from the base to ensure that the show is stable. Neither option is more stable than the other; it’s just a matter of people’s preference for the look and the price. The bases on other standing banners may be either an L-shaped snap-together or a tripod-style foot.

5 Things to remember when designing    standing banners

  1. Use of colour: Also colour can be a perfect way to make the banner stand, stand out from the crowd. Consider using colour to help the standing banner catch their attention but don’t go overboard. Too many colours can often leave their audience confused because the eyes have too much to focus on. Colours that work with various industries are also important to remember.
  2. Text and fonts: It is important to decide on a colour that works with the audience but it is crucial to ensure that the content of the standing banner is readable. Be sure to use font’s that are easy to read from close up as well as from afar. Keep text to a minimum and try to limit the text to no more than 2 types of font.
  3. Remember the audience: It’s important to remember the target audience when designing standing banners. How do people want the banner to keep them engaged? Remember the role of images and colours in attracting their audience’s interest. Attracting an older demographic versus a younger population versus a female audience would also require research into well-working colours, fonts and even buzzwords.
  4. Where the banner will stand: It is also necessary to consider where the banner stand will be used when determining how it should be built and laid out. If people at a conference or trade show are going to use their standing banners, it is necessary to place all the main details at the top of their banner stand. That is because tables or boxes may be put in front of their stand. If they intend to put the booth in their place of business with nothing obstructing the view of information on it, they can have almost everything on their stand but remember less is more.
  5. Contact information: It’s important to ensure the banner stand includes their contact details. Ensure that these are available, so make sure that the contact information is easily noticeable when people turn up at a conference and their banner stand is behind a wall. Try putting these close to the top. When people store their standing banners with nothing in front of them, then their contact details are best put at the bottom.

Now, everyone can be easily aware of the idea of the Standing banners and their role in making the eye-catching visibility of any products, brand, or commerce industry. Moving forward, the above mentioned information also puts emphasis upon some tips that are necessary to be aware while designing standing banners.

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