5 best QR code readers or scanners for Android


5 best QR code readers or scanners for Android

1. QR code and barcode scanner: View More

QR Code & Barcode Scanner is an ad-free, lightweight QR Code reader and barcode scanner application, which is popular for its efficiency and feature set. Just like the apps listed before, you can use them to scan all common code formats without wasting time. Unlike some of the apps listed earlier, it not only provides a modern interface but also contains no ads.

2. QR code reader and scanner: View More

QR code reader and scanner: Barcode Scanner is fast, free, and supports all barcode formats. It has a barcode generator that allows users to customize and display the generated QR code and display options for embedding different data types. WiFi, text, URL, email, etc.

3. QR code reader: View More

QR Code Reader is a high-quality QR code application designed to decode (scan) and encode (create) information quickly and reliably. It can be used to scan all barcode format types and generate multiple QR code types, including ISBN, phone number, SMS, email, location, and URL. Its functions include scanning history, creating barcodes from bookmarks, sharing barcodes, scanning codes from the gallery, etc.

4. Free QR Scanner: View More

Free QR Scanner-Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader is a lightning-fast QR scanner application that supports all code types, including Code39, Quick Code, EAN8, EQS, Code128, and QRcode Data Matrix. Its features include auto-zoom, offline use, flashlight support, price scanner, instant scan, and scan history.

5. Free QR code scanner: View More

Free QR Code Scanner is a free QR Code Scanner Android software designed to achieve accurate and powerful functions. It supports multiple data types and has the functions of connecting to WiFi hotspots, finding locations, scanning QR codes in the dark with a flashlight, zooming in and out, generating barcodes, generating QR codes, and a modern user interface.

It seems that QR codes are becoming more and more popular in 2020. Many new barcode applications are put on the PlayStore. More and more companies use QR codes and barcodes to embed information they want potential customers to have. Some even like it.

Although modern smartphones can easily scan barcodes, they do not have a built-in function to generate barcodes, so these applications will definitely come in handy. Have you been using people who are not on the list? Feel free to share your suggestions within the comments section below.

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