12.5 kVA Generator Price


As we know about the generator is the machine which is useful to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, which works on the faraday law of electromagnetic energy. Here we should know about the 12.5kVA generator Price according to users’ requirements.

12.5kVA gensets price is affordable & low in cost. Also, 12.5kVA DG Set fuel consumption is very low, which help you in saving more amount during the power backup operation

And we also know the applications of 12.5kVA gensets which  are in the health sector, home appliances, construction sector and many other sectors where power outage is required.12.5kVA gensets are useful when planned and unplanned situations occur at any time 

Features of 12.5kVA Genset

12.5kVA gensets have unique features in nature and some important are inbuilt features according to users’ requirements. Here we are defining those features of 12.5kVA genset which are good and useful in almost all fields where power backups are required. Features of 12.5kVA gensets are As below :

  • Space efficiency is enough in 12.5kVA gensets which can be placed at home or at other places.
  • Robust and Reliable product with low maintenance.
  • Controller-based easy push-starts type gensets.
  • And also available in highly configured engines in various fuel types.
  • Remote controlling features of generators give you an offer to control your power backup from a remote Genset.
  • One important feature which is the air cooling system is built in a 12.5kVA genset to reduce the heat.
  • Follow the latest CPCB-2 norms to provide clean & reliable energy.
  • Due to the rugged & robust design, this 12.5kVA genset is able to provide its services in the worst weather condition and location.

Reasons to buy 12.5kVA gensets 

Having 12.5kVA gensets are useful to fulfill our requirements of power outage .12.5kVA gensets price is affordable in the market. The reason behind buying the 12.5kVA gensets is its good quality in Fuel efficiency and also its durability for long time power backups.

Some specifications are playing a vital role for their requirements in the market. These are as follow :

  • 12.5 kVA genset is separate from other kinds of gensets because its specialty is very powerful in Fuel efficiency as well as due to its portability.
  •  Due to the compact of design it can be adjustable at any place where it is necessary to use.
  • It is also popular for its cooling system when generators become heated.
  • Secure your home,business and industrial power during blackout and run in smooth services.
  • Its maintenance is also low which will give you the best experience.

12.5kVA Diesel generator specifications

12.5kVA  diesel generators are also useful for a power outage in various fields. Its specifications are unique to work at needy places like business, home appliances etc. Such Product specifications are as follow :

Genset Rating 12.5kVA
Application Business, Industrial
Brand Koel, Kohler, Honda
Phase Single-phase, Three-phase
Cooling Type Air, Water, Liquid cooling
No. of cylinder 2
Noise Sound-Proof
Rated speed 1500 RPM
Voltage 320V
Frequency 50Hz
Fuel Propane, Diesel, Gas
Aspiration TA
Alternator Brushless
Condition New


Here we conclude according to the topic that 12.5kVA genset price is affordable in the market. By this price any user can buy it with their requirements. In the market 12.5kVA generators are on demand because of their specialty.

 12.5kVA gensets are popular for their low-cost maintenance as well as because of their  Fuel efficiency and their portability to place at any job location.

Gensets are useful to cover the faults of power which are not coming in properly, Hence users use the best quality generators for that enough power backups. At the end of the discussion, we can say that 12.5kVA is good for users to overcome the need for powers in various sectors with a low cost.

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