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Withings Multi-sport Hybrid Smartwatch

by Deepak Sudera
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Withings Multi-sport Hybrid Smartwatch

In May of this year, Nokia sold its digital medical division to the co-founder of Withings. Now, Withings has released the first product since Nokia’s purchase – Nokia – the Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch focused on sports.

Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch may only be developed when owned by Nokia, with only one size – 40mm and 13mm thick, stainless steel case and engraved bezel. Matte metal hands with color tones can be placed on a white or black surface and protected by mineral glass. With its sporting focus, the soft 20mm silicone wristband with vents completes the look.

When you are not sweating, you can replace the enamel tape as an optional leather strap.

Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch is a high-quality smartwatch with 316L stainless steel that moves with you everywhere. It features HR monitoring 24/7. It is connected to GPS and sleep tracking or multi-sport tracking. It has a long rechargeable battery that lasts up to twenty-five days and water resistant up to 50 meters. It detects your heart rate is good.

It shows you what you need to do to achieve your goals. with its twenty-five days of battery life. Steel HR is comprehensive activity tracker that automatically recognize and record walk, swim and run. Additionally, you’ll simply activate sweat mode right your radiocarpal joint by selecting from over thirty sports.

As a Sport hybrid smartwatch, in addition to the analog hour and minute hands, the sub-dial also shows the percentage of progress you have reached your daily activity goals. Sitting at the top of the dial is an OLED screen that displays phone notifications, heart rate, steps, distance, calories, activity and alarm settings. Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch allows you to choose from more than 30 sports and also has automatic motion recognition.

In addition to the previous smartwatch – the indicators tracked by Steel HR, Steel HR Sport is also equipped with Connected GPS and fitness level assessment. Connecting to GPS relies on your smartphone to map your conversations and track distances, altitudes and pace. The fitness level assessment is based on the estimated maximum oxygen consumption. Known as VO2 Max, the health-focused Withings include this feature.

For water sports or long showers, it is water resistant up to 50 meters. If you are currently using Steel HR, don’t worry, as the Withings support site says it will launch multiple sports features and connect GPS to all Steel HR watches.

Steel HR enhance workout and training session, it provided useful information from time to time. Steel HR will time and rewards continuous heart rate calories burned, as well as distance, location with connected to GPS. With its impressive water resistant to 50m, a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts 25 days and it is fully customizable notification. It has so many colors and additional functions.

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