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Which Dinner Cruise to Choose in UAE | 5 Reason

by Ali Raza
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The UAE is famous for many things – desert driving, large malls, hotels, automobiles, and cuisine. With regards to the last point, you will find all types of cuisine in UAE. But if you are a true foodie, we recommend that you try the local Emirati cuisine, especially the sea food. Your taste buds will never have tasted food like that before.

But we do not recommend going to a fancy hotel or restaurant to experience the local cuisine. Instead, we ask our readers to opt for a cruise. It will not only be a new experience but will add to your food’s taste. Now, the question arises, which cruise should you select for your cruise dinner? Afterall, the UAE is full of cruises.

We are not going to beat around the bush when it comes to telling you which dinner cruise to choose in the UAE. Why? Because we will only recommend you the Dhow Cruise. It is one of the best cruises you can try in the UAE. Not convinced? There is no cause for worry because we will list the top 5 reasons to select Dhow Cruise over countless others.

1. Cost

One of the most profound reasons to prefer Dhow Cruise over others is the cost factor. Other cruises have the habit of overcharging customers for simple products. With the introduction of VAT, the food is already expensive. In such situations, overcharging can be a major blot on one’s cruise dinner experience. However, with Dhow Cruise, you do not have to worry about the pricing. They do not believe in overcharging and are committed to maintaining a transparent pricing mechanism.

2. Food

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about UAE is its cuisine. But what good is a dhow cruise if it does not offer a variety of cuisines. Unfortunately, there are dhow cruises which are damaging the reputation of the dhow cruise business by offering substandard food and a handful of cuisines. The Dhow Cruise is committed to improving the customer’s perception about the dhow cuisine experience. They offer a variety of cuisines prepared by some of the best chefs.

3. Availability

Unlike other dhow cruise businesses, the Dhow Cruise own multiple dhows/cruises all over Dubai. While the dhow varies in size, we guarantee that the experience will be the same across all their dhows. It is something which we have experienced for ourselves after trying their services four times. Apart from this, the timing is a big factor to prefer Dhow Cruise over others. The timing is suitable for all types of people.

4. Live Entertainment

Apart from the other factors, Dhow Cruise offers live entertainment. The performers are prominent names in their industries and know how to captivate the audience with their performances. The VIP customers can also book their special performers in separate areas of the dhow. The live entertainment

5. Hospitality

If you are on the verge of booking a diera creek cruise, make sure to ask about the entire hospitality experience. Nearly every provider will say that they provide the best experience. But is it true? Maybe it is. We are not the ones to judge. Instead, the best way to assess a dhow’s hospitality is the customer reviews. When it comes to Dhow Cruise reviews, you can see for yourself that they are truly the best.

Wrap Up

If you need any more reasons before trying Dhow Cruise, we simply recommend giving it a try. Because if these reasons are not enough to convince you, we don’t know what else will work. So, just give Dhow Cruise a try.

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