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Australia has developed in the field of science and technology. It has emerged as a country that stresses knowledge and education. This is the main reason that Australia has shown a drastic development in a very short period. Like in every other field it has got immense accomplishments in the department of medical sciences. Australia’s public health care program is famous around the globe. Its vast services and facilities are helping people in Australia for a long time. Healthcare is provided both by the public and private sectors. But the advancement and precision of the medical system in Australia are unmatchable. Many parts of the world do not have advanced medical facilities. 

Usually, the People from these parts of the world have to seek medical help from other countries where the medical facility is more sound and advanced.

Australia offers visas for people wanting to get medical treatment in Australia and also to those who want to support them in the process of getting medical treatment. In this article, we will talk about these visas and their terms and conditions.

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Medical treatment visa subclass 602

This visa targets those people who want to get medical treatment from Australia or to support someone having a medical treatment on this visa. This visa is for both onshore and offshore candidates. The offshore applicants can come to Australia and stay as long as their treatment requires and the candidates in Australia can stay longer in Australia until their treatment is fully completed.

Who is this visa for?

This visa is for the people wishing to come to Australia for one of the following reasons

  • Getting a medical treatment
  • Donating an organ
  • Organ transplant
  • Supporting a person having medical treatment in Australia on visa subclass 602.

The conditions to be fulfilled for this visa

One has to fulfill all the following conditions to be eligible for applying for medical treatment visa subclass 602

  • One must be coming to Australia or staying longer in Australia on one of the following purposes
    • For getting medical treatment from a registered medical facility in Australia
    • Donating an organ
    • Receiving an organ
  • Should satisfy all the character requirements
  • Must have enough funds to afford medical treatment and support living expenses in Australia
  • Should have the intention of coming to Australia temporarily only

Carer visa subclass 116

This visa is for someone who wants to provide support and care to a person in Australia who has a long medical condition and there is no other way to provide that care and support. This is a permanent visa and allows you to stay in Australia permanently.

This visa entitles one to study and work in Australia. It also allows one to travel from Australia and to Australia for 5 years.

Conditions on this visa

This visa has the following conditions that need to be fulfilled to apply for this visa

  • One must be sponsored by a relative in Australia or the partner of the relative for the first two years of the applicant in Australia
  • Should be living outside Australia at the time of application
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements
  • Have the intention of providing help, care, and support to the relative or a family member in Australia having a long medical condition.

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