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5 easy methods to enhance Instagram reach

by Deepak Sudera
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5 easy methods to enhance Instagram reach

Instagram has recently started segmenting posts through algorithms and that has caused a decline in marketer’s organic influence and engagement. However, you don’t really have to face the same thing. In fact, it can be avoided through several methods. But before we dig into those methods it is important that you understand how Instagram’s algorithms work.

The platform revealed that their algorithms run on three basic elements that determine which posts go where. Interest, timelines and relationship, all three elements that evaluate the significance of a post for an audience. Based on the relevance of the viewer’s preferences and inclinations, posts are displayed onto their walls.

5 ways to increase Instagram reach

  1. Finding an ideal time to post:

Even though algorithms are being used by Instagram to determine which post goes where it is still important to establish an optimal posting time. Launching content on the platform at the right times can potentially boost engagement rounds. Enabling algorithms to promptly enhance your posts at a higher ranking on user’s news feeds.

In case you are using a business profile then Instagram insights can be used to evaluate the timings on which followers are most active. Once you have identified that, you can schedule your posting and stay ahead of time, ensuring your viewers are constantly updated with high-quality content.

  1. Experimenting with video content:

Based on different studies that have been conducted, Wikipedia page writing services have found that photos tend to gain greater engagement than video content does on Instagram. However, upon delving into the statistics it was concluded that photographs receive greater likes than videos. In contrast to that, video contents on average receive twice as many comments as images do.

We cannot be sure about whether likes and comments are valued equally by the platform but it is evident that commenting requires more effort. Last year, it was found that video content engaged had increased to 40% percent over a short period of time. The sudden boost in growth gives more reasons to explore on Instagram and experiment with the video content in order to enhance organic influence on Instagram.

  1. Hosting events to engage viewers:

There is no better way to engage an audience than through direct interaction. It can easily be done through questionnaires and calls to actions, encouraging viewers to respond to your content. It has been noticed that giveaways receive the most engagement from followers than any other engagement mediums.

As far as call to action is concerned, there are several methods to implement them. Interesting and attractive statements that are eye-catching are effective calls to action. Whilst giveaways influence an increased number of comments than normal posts.

  1. Curating user-generated content:

An influencer named Brian experienced a massive growth within six months. His viewer engagement grew immensely, so did his following. The secret to that was to use generated content. By curating user-generated content you can provide incentives to the viewers to engage with the content. Not only is that going to improve content ranking but it make it more visible to the masses.

User-generated content tends to be 35% more memorable than normal content and has 50% more chances of being trusted by the viewer. Which emphasizes the importance and value of user-generated content.

  1. Conveying stories:

A survey report had been conducted that stated ow 63% of marketers use Instagram to promote their business. Out of which only 16% of them use Instagram stories to advertise services and products. Which makes it a great opportunity for you to stand out in the market. It is a known fact that Instagram stories have a significant positioning on the platform. And followers tend to view stories on a regular basis.

By using this method you can increase your ranking on the feeds. It is important to take stories into consideration since they too are a part of the bigger picture. Instagram stories too fall under the platform’s algorithm, which requires you to create impactful stories to improve your organic influence on Instagram.


The core objective of Instagram as a platform is to look after their users’ needs and make them enjoy the platform. Brands that use the platform for their marketing purposes are responsible for user experiences. Therefore, a lot can be done to enhance experiences.

The points that have been mentioned above can assist you in increasing your reach on Instagram. You can gain an edge over the competition by improving your ranking on feeds and establishing a visible positioning. There are several reasons for you to take these factors into accord and implement them within your Instagram content. Not only will it benefit your viewers but your business as well.

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