Why Oppo Is The Most Desired Brand Of Smartphones In India


Why Oppo Is The Most Desired Brand Of Smartphones In India

India is one of the largest markets for smartphone manufacturers. Since smartphones have become popular worldwide, many manufacturers have started entering the Indian smartphone market. Oppo came to India in 2014, and because of its solid quality smartphones, it has become very popular.

Oppo is a brand that provides phones suitable for all price ranges. Also, as per the masses of India, the phones of Oppo are better than other brands. For instance, all Oppo phones under 15000 compared with best mobiles under 15000 from different brands has a major difference in the features. Smartphone brands in India that have an established name tend to give fewer features than Oppo smartphones.

Here are a few reasons for which Oppo smartphones have gained more popularity in India:

Oppo Smartphones In India
Oppo Smartphones In India

Not Overpriced

The Indian customer is intelligent and aware of the various products in the market. The customers in India are knowledgeable and also know the price of the components fixed in a smartphone. In short, a customer in India knows if the smartphone they are buying is priced right or not. The liking for Oppo smartphones is increasing as they are not overpriced. They have great features, and the price set for them by the brand is justified.

No Cost Cutting

Almost all smartphone brands want to earn more profits by selling their devices. Now the marketing team of these smartphones is aware of Indian customers. So, to maintain the profits, they do cost-cutting. In the case of Oppo smartphones, it is not the same. The cost-cutting done by the brand is almost nil. If a customer is buying Oppo phones under 15000, they will get complete satisfaction for their paying price. Thus, the smartphone user does not even have to change the smartphone in a short period. With top-quality components, the user can expect to use the Oppo smartphone until a better technology does not come in the market.

Smartphones For All Budget Requirements

The Indian market has a variety of customers. Some require a smartphone just for primary use like calling, WhatsApp, capturing pictures, and for using a few other apps. The other category is gamers. These people require smartphones with advanced-level processors, AMOLED screens, etc. Some professional users require a smartphone to create art and need smartphones with high-quality cameras. They prefer using a smartphone’s camera instead of carrying bulky DSLR cameras and lenses.

No matter what kind of requirement the users have, Oppo smartphones are made to satisfy all. The phones for primary use have fewer features and are priced accordingly. The smartphones with advanced cameras and processors have a higher price, but they are built to give the users complete performance.

Premium Feel

Smartphones these days are not just meant for practical use but also to create a style statement. Keeping this in mind, the Oppo smartphones are made with a premium look and in hand feel. It is not the case with oppo phones that the phone’s premium feel will only be in advanced-level phones. Whether it is a budget oppo phone or an expensive one, all will come with a premium build quality. Mobiles under 15000 from any other brand lack a premium in-hand feel. Because of this, the buyers have to compromise. Since this is not the case with Oppo smartphones, their popularity is increasing day by day in India.

Great After-Sale Service

Oppo is not just concentrating on making great phones but also focuses on after-sale services. The oppo service centres are present even in remote areas of India. For minor troubles with the phone, Oppo service centres also guarantee to fix the device in a short duration of 60 minutes.


Whether a customer is using Oppo phones under 15000 or for a higher price, there is no chance of complaint in any way. If Oppo continues the same strategy, it will soon become the favorite smartphone brand in India.

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